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Broken Boat Name

After reading this sad story, you may be thinking of boat names with the word "survey" or "lemon" in them:
1.5 hours after I bought the boat, the starboard outdrive bit the dust and I had to limp into port on the just the port engine.

in the process, i stripped the gears in the steering gearbox.

When we pulled it out of the water, the outdrives were corroded and we found lots of other issues......HELP with a cool name!


Editor said...

I suggest the following boat name based on your story:
"Ain't Broke" (as in the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it")

The play on words here is that your boat was 'broke' but you fixed it, and it also taps into the idea that boat owners are broke because we enjoy such an expensive hobby.

Anonymous said...

"wreck-creation" Don't feel alone. I broke a steering cable, port shift cable, overheated both engines, junked the port outdrive, and had a fire under the dash. All within the first hour after I bought it. SHe's in good shape now though!

Anonymous said...


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