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Boat Name for a Bow Rider

Just received this message and need help naming this boat:

We just bought a 16 ft bow rider for our family.

This is our first boat, however, my wife of 10 years has grown up on boats.

We have two daughters, one 8 and one 5. Avery and Sydney.

Not sure if one even names a 16 ft boat but would love your opinion.


Anonymous said...

"His First" (since it's your first boat, but not your wife's)

"Syd 'n Ave" (or some other combination of your daughters' names)

"Bow Tie" or "Take a Bow" (because it's a bow rider, but could have other meaning?)

"Reel Fun" (one of many popular family fishing boat names that your kids might enjoy.)

Gulfstream3Fish said...

bow 4 us

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