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Bigger than a Wee Boat

Just got this boat name request and need your help. Please read and submit you boat name ideas below!

My husband decided that if he couldn’t have a Corvette for his 40th, then he wanted a boat. We started off small and his mom and dad bought a 17 ft Bayliner. Three days later and still no name, I stated to my mother-in-law "I know technically this is your boat…" She quickly responds, "no it's a we boat". Every one yells that’s the name. Are 17ft Bayliner is now "WEE BOAT".

We are now stumped on naming our second boat, a 22 ft Winner.

After enjoying Wee Boat for a few months we decided that it was not big enough for our 3 boys (although we do plan on keeping her). We won the bid on E Bay and after one trip out we decide this boat will do just fine for a while. But what to name her, it has already been two week! Some names we are pondering: Still Winning, A Stone’s Throw (our last name is Stone), For The Boys, and Wee Boating.


Anonymous said...

Wee Boat II

Wee Bit Bigger (or just Wee Bit or just Wee Bigger)

Ain't Wee

Editor said...

Wee Ours...

A play on "Wee Hours". Also, "Happy Ours" is traditionally one of the most popular boat names, but I don't think "Wee Ours" is used much and couldn't be more appropriate. Also, reinforces the "We" vs. "Your" thing.

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