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Tug Boat Names

There's something about a tug - they just look so... good.

A couple of weeks ago we received the following boat name request.

Got any ideas? Post them below please...
We love beagles, currently have two... Abby and Rex.

And we are working on our steel tug will be launched next May 2010.

We purchased the steel tug boat...25' at the end of December of 2008 and it had a wood cabin on her...

We ripped that off and constructed a steel cabin (It was purchased as a project boat)


oldblue1978 said...

Beagle Bay.....Regal Beagle.....Beagles Nest.... Flying Beagle....Fawlty Beagle...Beagle Bow , just a few I thought of hope they help!!

Anonymous said...


david holt said...

beagle bouys

Anonymous said...

Old steel tug !! call it" WILLIE FLOAT"

Anonymous said...


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