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Psychological Boat Names

This psychologist would like some boat names she could wrap her head around. Suggestions please!

Here's her message:
I am a psychologist and have a 1971 Trojan. My husband and I love skiing, psychology, and our dog (Pink Smiley Emerald, or emme.) Would like a psychological name.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

How about Fruedian sloop? Shrink or Swim?

Anonymous said...

shrinks in water

oldblue1978 said...

Brain Drain... Family Therapy.... Hydro Therapy..... Sound Advice..... Screw Loose....Knot Yet.... Group Therapy ( Hope this helps!! )

postmarc said...

In earlier days, my sailboat(s) was named "Knot Insane" and I've always liked the moniker. Feel free to use it.

Anonymous said...


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