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Musical Boat Names

Retired musically-inclined couple needs a boat name. Please check out their message and post suggestions below:
Both my wife and I are retired. We both are very musical, I am a conductor, she an organist. Have owned many boats. Boat mostly on inland waterways.


Anonymous said...

Some obvious ones

floating melody, acoustic duo, happy tune, symphonic harmony,

Anonymous said...

unchained melody

Floating Notes

Tuned In


Anonymous said...

Sea Note, Hi Seas, (both with musical note graphics around them), is there a favorite classical piece you both like? name it after that then you will have a theme song to play when cruzin' or at the dock!

Anonymous said...

Wife's first name and the word OPUS. Sort of like that Richard Drefuss movie, "Mr. Holland's Opus".

So, if your wife's name is Olivia, the boat name could be "Olivia's Opus".

Anonymous said...

One Note.... You and your wife have probably been together so long that each knows what the other is doing without giving it a second thought. In complete harmony? You sit down to write music and your finger hits a key.... one note. It all starts with one note. Your new journey is now starting... let it start on "One Note."

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Our boat name is "Key of Sea" ....

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