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Cruzin South for a Boat Name

A few weeks ago I received this boat name request from a young woman named Donna who owns a magazine called Cruzin' South - covering everything from bikes to custom cars and hot racing events, charity shows and even planes, trains and automobiles.  Maybe they'll start covering boats, too!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to help Donna name her boat. Post your boat name suggestions below. Here's her request:
The boat is a red and yellow BAJA 26 foot Islander. Everybody seems to love to hang out with us. We work all the time, I own Cruzin South Magazine... my husband is in railroad construction.. train names are fun.

Our river home is called the Wadford River Resort. It is on the TN river. And yes we drink... crown royal preferably.

So any help will be great.

Donna and Glen, we use D&G for short (like Dolce and Gabanna-high end fashion line)

Thanks and good luck


Editor said...

I suggest simply naming the boat CRUZIN' so you can have a moving billboard up and down the TN River.

Donna Wadford said...

Hey, this is Donna, send me any cool pics of boats and I will try and include them in the magazine. We do cover boat events. We covered the Allison Boat Races near Pickwick this year and love covering the racing boats!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few to try:

D & G

Off the Rails

Cruzin' Crew

River Cruzin'

Anonymous said...

Southern Cruzer

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