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Boat Name of the Day

Friday’s is "Lost Buoys" - the boat is owned by a young vampire navigating somewhere off Southern Cali.

Previous Boat Names of the Day from this week were:

Thursday’s name was spotted on the boat of someone who was likely a dot-com mogul in Ft Meyers. Either that or they just got their first AOL account and thought they were cool: I’m@C.calm

Wednesday we found a boat name from a customer who probably won’t remember shopping at our store: Carpe Drinkem

Tuesday’s boat name was MELLOW YELLOW and Monday’s boat name of the day this week was LIQUID ASSET. Yes it is!

Monday’s and Tuesday’s names also came from customers of our boat name stores, BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames.

We pick boat names we like every day and announce them on Twitter as the Boat Name of the Day.

If you’re feeling creative, please help a boater name their boat at the Boat Name Blog.

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Anonymous said...

my favorites are "Tuna or Later" and "Runaground Sue".

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