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Cool Boat Name of the Day

Today we went to the last frontier to find our Boat Name of the Day. In fact, we went to a blog called Life and Adventures in the Last Frontier, run by an educator and boater named Jill from Palmer, Alaska.

Jill recently spotted an overwhelming amount of boats with names that only an Alaskan would choose. One of the best she spotted, in my opinion, was Arctic Autumn, so that is today’s Boat Name of the Day. It just sounds crisp, doesn’t it?

If you are looking for a “cool” boat name, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some of the pictures Jill snapped, as well as her other adventures, at her blog.

Ford Trucks, Harleys, Drag Racing

Just got this request for boat name help on our blog. Plenty to go on. Please suggest boat names below.
I would like some help with a name for our new boat. 
My husband works for Ford, drives a semi truck, love harleys and drag racing ...any ideas?
We have a 28ft Wellcraft cruiser.

Make Your First Sailboat a Big One

Gotta love it when you go large with your first boat!

Received this message last week and hope you can help this family out with some boat names: 

49 ft Beneteau, 2 girls with initials S and T, would like zimm somewhere in the name, like to have fun with friends, entertain and be with family. NEVER have sailed before... dumb, I know!

Click This Boat Name

Just last week we received this message from someone looking for a snappy boat name. Give it a shot. I'm sure you can suggest something that clicks. Should I go on? That's what I thought. I don't think he's a fisherman, so please keep your "snapper" boat names to yourself.

Here's his message:
I am a photographer and would like a name along those lines. Thought of Photo finish but it doesn't quite do it.

Cruzin South for a Boat Name

A few weeks ago I received this boat name request from a young woman named Donna who owns a magazine called Cruzin' South - covering everything from bikes to custom cars and hot racing events, charity shows and even planes, trains and automobiles.  Maybe they'll start covering boats, too!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to help Donna name her boat. Post your boat name suggestions below. Here's her request:
The boat is a red and yellow BAJA 26 foot Islander. Everybody seems to love to hang out with us. We work all the time, I own Cruzin South Magazine... my husband is in railroad construction.. train names are fun.

Our river home is called the Wadford River Resort. It is on the TN river. And yes we drink... crown royal preferably.

So any help will be great.

Donna and Glen, we use D&G for short (like Dolce and Gabanna-high end fashion line)

Thanks and good luck

Boat Name of the Day for Friday

WILD GOOSE - John Wayne's yacht is on display at the Lido Yacht Expo in Newport Beach this weekend, so it's only fitting that we chose "Wild Goose" as the boat name of the day for Friday.

Speaking of John Wayne and names, here's a little trivia for you: John Wayne was named Marion Robert Morrison when he was born, but his parents soon changed his name to Marion Mitchell Morrison. They named Marion's little brother Robert and I guess they wanted to avoid any confusion. Maybe they should have just started calling young Marion "John Wayne" when he was little! :-)

Previous boat names of the day this week were:

Pair of Jacks

Waters Edge


We pick our daily names from customers of our two boat name stores, BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames, as well as from boats of interest that we see on the water or in the news.

We announce The Boat Name of the Day on Twitter every weekday. Suggestions are welcome via email, but you must share the story behind your boat name.

If your creative juices are flowing and you're full of boat name ideas, please help another boater name their boat at the Boat Name Blog.

Tug Boat Names

There's something about a tug - they just look so... good.

A couple of weeks ago we received the following boat name request.

Got any ideas? Post them below please...
We love beagles, currently have two... Abby and Rex.

And we are working on our steel tug will be launched next May 2010.

We purchased the steel tug boat...25' at the end of December of 2008 and it had a wood cabin on her...

We ripped that off and constructed a steel cabin (It was purchased as a project boat)

Peachy Boat Name Ideas

Can you help these boaters with a fruitful boat name? Recently received the following message:
We really want the name "Peach" as part of our boat name.

We moved from the UK to Ontario 2 years ago. We like to take it easy on our boat with friends. Looking for a something Peachy other than Peachy Keen.

Any ideas?

Married on the Waters Edge

I don't own a Hunter sailboat, but somehow this morning through a series of clicks around the web I ended up on a website called Knotline - the Hunter Owner's Blog. On the blog I found a captivating story about a couple of newlyweds and their new sailboat and new life together. It was her first boat, and they named it after her "screen name" – Waters Edge. In my opinion, it's a great name and a good story that I recommend reading even if you don't own a Hunter.

I'm not sure where this couple is from, but there is a beautiful resort in Westbrook, Connecticut, which is also called Waters Edge. Perhaps they'll cruise there someday in their new Hunter.

Bank It

Based on the following message, what boat names would you suggest?
I am a police officer in ohio and my wife works for a bank. It is our first boat together and we need a perfect name. It is a 38 ft. Chris Craft.

Desert or Dessert Oasis

This one should be easy! What are your boat name ideas? Here's the request:
I am in the process of buying a yacht, mostly to have in the marina with my friends and their boats, drink wine, eat chocolate, enjoy the weather... I live in the desert and this boat will be in San Diego. I have had a couple suggestions involving my wife's name, Lekki (rhymes with becky) such as lekki me, etc. can you please help out?

Psychological Boat Names

This psychologist would like some boat names she could wrap her head around. Suggestions please!

Here's her message:
I am a psychologist and have a 1971 Trojan. My husband and I love skiing, psychology, and our dog (Pink Smiley Emerald, or emme.) Would like a psychological name.

Any ideas?

Pirate Boat Names

This one is wide open for fans of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here's the brief boat name request message we received from a guy that also mentioned he likes to fish:
We want to incorporate a Pirate theme if possible... Thanks!

Boat Name of the Day

Friday’s is "Lost Buoys" - the boat is owned by a young vampire navigating somewhere off Southern Cali.

Previous Boat Names of the Day from this week were:

Thursday’s name was spotted on the boat of someone who was likely a dot-com mogul in Ft Meyers. Either that or they just got their first AOL account and thought they were cool: I’m@C.calm

Wednesday we found a boat name from a customer who probably won’t remember shopping at our store: Carpe Drinkem

Tuesday’s boat name was MELLOW YELLOW and Monday’s boat name of the day this week was LIQUID ASSET. Yes it is!

Monday’s and Tuesday’s names also came from customers of our boat name stores, BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames.

We pick boat names we like every day and announce them on Twitter as the Boat Name of the Day.

If you’re feeling creative, please help a boater name their boat at the Boat Name Blog.

Steelers and Beer Boat Names

Hey Steelers fans. We receieved this message a couple of weeks ago and need help suggesting boat names. Whaddaya got?
I like beer (Bud Light)...

I love Pittsburgh Steelers and was trying to think of something like Blitz-Burgh ie. "Bud-Burgh" or "Fish-Burgh" or something like that then something that goes with steelers like "still-waters".

Also I thought "Aquaholic" or something to reflect my drinking habits:)

Love to fish also..

Musical Boat Names

Retired musically-inclined couple needs a boat name. Please check out their message and post suggestions below:
Both my wife and I are retired. We both are very musical, I am a conductor, she an organist. Have owned many boats. Boat mostly on inland waterways.

Flying Boat Names

We recently received this message. Can you help these folks find a boat name:
We have a Sea Ray Sundeck 240. Our last name starts with Fitz, so we were trying to think of a clever boat name using Fitz. Or maybe using our former professions - My husband was a pilot and I was a flight attendant. I thought of Water Landing, and Flotation Device, but I'd really like more help. Thanks for any ideas.

(Picture copyright info: De Havilland Single Otter in Harbour Air livery. Taken by Ben W Bell, August 2004)

Boat Chix

We recently received the following message from a couple of young ladies trying to name their power boat. Not much to go on, but I'm sure we can think of something:
Me and my friend are buying a boat next summer... trying to think of a clever boat name for two chix that own a boat... it's going to be black with hot pink letters for the boat name.

Boat Name of the Day

Friday’s name is “Patriot Games” via a customer of BoatNameGear.

Previous boat names this week included:

"OVER DEW" was Thursday's Boat Name of the Day

Wednesday’s was "Wishes Granted"

Tuesday's Boat Name of the Day was "BLACK JACK"

There was no boat name of the day on Labor Day.

We pick boat names we like every day and announce them on Twitter as the Boat Name of the Day. Our sources include customers of BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames, and randomly generated boat names found on the FirstBoat boat name machine.

Watching the detectives

Yesterday we got a boat name request from someone trying to help a brother out. Literally. Check it out:
I'm looking for ideas for a fishing boat my brother just brought. He is looking for something unique. A little background on him for potential ideas. He is detective in New Jersey. He has four daughters. His last boat went by the name four reel.

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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