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The Crown Jewels

Received the following message from a nice retired couple with a nice boat. Please check out their story and suggest some boat names for them, and maybe they'll take me for a ride:
We own a 43 tiara sovran, tiara's company boat name is Crown Jewel, so something related to jewelry would be fitting for this boat. Our last boat name was Porta Party, but lately (because of porta potties) everyone was mispronouncing the name. We are retired living in SW Florida, had a trucking business and belong to a boating club.


Anonymous said...

How about "Moonstone?" It's the Florida state gem.

Anonymous said...

10K Diamonds, I am assuming you are near the 10,000 islands of the gulf

Anonymous said...

"Family Jewels"
I have a keen sense for the obvious.

Bobs Boat Blog said...

Sorry I don't have a name suggestion, but wow that boat is simply amazing! How about that, simply amazing, lol! Anyways, I'm jealous

Anonymous said...

I think I have the purfect name for this Sassy Classy boat! How about: "BEAVERFEVER"

From: Nettie In Louisiana

Anonymous said...

Rippin Lips

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