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Boat Names for Guys and Gals

Boat name help needed! I just received this message from a family trying to name their boat:
There are three of us. Me, my wife and son. Her maiden name is pronounced "guys" but spelled differently. We thought it would be fun to play off "three guys" but haven't found the right way. Also, I'm from the Chesapeake area, so something related to that would be cool. Other than that, we're short on ideas that really catch us.
Got any ideas for these guys? Please post them below.


Anonymous said...

Just Us Guys

From: Nettie in Louisiana (LOUISIANA THE SPORTSMAN'S PARADISE) this ison our car plates
Hope you enjoy the boat ;)

Anonymous said...

Guys 'n doll.

Fraser Yachts said...

Sailor Guys

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