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Diesel and Stiletto Shoes

Here is a great hodgepodge of thoughts from a family looking for a boat name. Look at the picture of their boat, put these ideas together, and what do you get? Hmmmm...

Diesel, any thing to do with trucks, stiletto shoes, Roxy (our dog), parties, mechanic, water skiing, socializing with other boaters.


Editor said...

I think "Stiletto" would actually be a good boat name. Perhaps a silhouette of a high heel shoe.

Of course, you wouldn't want to encourage the wearing of stilettos on the boat - non-marking soles only, please!

Ken Fees said...

Well, the only point of wearing stiletto's is to strut, so, how about something tied to your favorite brand of diesel, like Cummins Struttin', or "High Steppin' Hemmi", or "Pointed-toe Peterbilt"
That's all I've got tonite!

Anonymous said...

How about...


SoRoBoSho Party (Socializing, Roxy, Boat, Shoes)

Roxy's water-skiing mechanical Boat?

No Shoes Onboart

Anonymous said...

3 to think about high eels, fishnets & eels dames and diesel

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