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Boat Name the First

A lot of people have been asking me about the regulations regarding boat names, and there are plenty, and none, all at the same time and depending on where you boat.

However, I just came across an interesting post about the use of numbers at the end of the boat name on a true cruiser's blog - Benners Adrift.

Upon meeting up with some friends and seeing their new boat, they write:
Who names their boat Mystic 1? How does someone know, when buying and naming their first boat Mystic that there will be another boat and that they will want to name it Mystic as well thereby necessitating the addition of the numeral 1 to the nomenclature? (read their full post)
Good point. I can't argue with the apparent presumptiousness of naming your first boat with a "one" or "the first".

However, it is true in some countries - at least I've heard of this in Canada - that you cannot repeat a boat name that is already registered. (Don't worry - not the case in the US). For example, if registering a boat in Canada, and the name "Mystic" was already taken, the authorities may recommend you name your boat "Mystic II" or "Mystic 2".

Perhaps this was the case here, and the owners simply decided to name it "Mystic 1" since it wasn't their 2nd Mystic but their first... Even if there may never be a "Mystic 2".

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