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Happy Family Boat Names

No matter what type of product or service you sell, there's not much better than hearing from a happy customer. When you ship something like vinyl lettering all over the country, you often only hear from customers when they need help removing old boat name lettering, or concocting a boat re-naming ceremony.

So when a customer takes the time to send photos of the finished product, in use, and write something nice, it is very rewarding to know all your hard work was not for nothing.

Here's the brief email I received from a customer of Custom Boat Names from Cleveland that made my Tuesday:

Our lettering looks great and was simple to apply. Attached are a couple of pictures if you’d like to use on your site.

Thank you!
If you'd like a boat name like Lisa's, please visit Custom Boat Names.

Big family needs a big boat name

Finally, a boat name request with some teeth. Kudos to this boat owner for giving us something to work with.

Now, get your creative juices flowing, and find this big family a boat name for their big new boat! Comment below with your boat name suggestions.

Here's their story:

We had a 23 foot boat before and we are so happy to have finally purchased a 27 foot Baja.
We have 4 kids.
We love to boat and hang out with friends on the lake.
It's what we love to do All Summer Long.

A unique boat name for a first boat

Not much to go on here, but perhaps if we post some ideas, the boat owner will be navigated on the right course. If, somehow, this boat name request inspires your creativity, please post boat name ideas below:

I want a name is different than what I am seeing on the net.

This is my first boat.

I am married and have two children.

A boat name to fish and drink with

This short and sweet message is a cry for help and a boat name request all in one. Can you please help these folks out with some boat name ideas by commenting below?

My honey, myself, my brother and his wife bought a cabin cruiser.

We love to fish and drink and enjoy the water and being away from it all.

Boat Name the First

A lot of people have been asking me about the regulations regarding boat names, and there are plenty, and none, all at the same time and depending on where you boat.

However, I just came across an interesting post about the use of numbers at the end of the boat name on a true cruiser's blog - Benners Adrift.

Upon meeting up with some friends and seeing their new boat, they write:
Who names their boat Mystic 1? How does someone know, when buying and naming their first boat Mystic that there will be another boat and that they will want to name it Mystic as well thereby necessitating the addition of the numeral 1 to the nomenclature? (read their full post)
Good point. I can't argue with the apparent presumptiousness of naming your first boat with a "one" or "the first".

However, it is true in some countries - at least I've heard of this in Canada - that you cannot repeat a boat name that is already registered. (Don't worry - not the case in the US). For example, if registering a boat in Canada, and the name "Mystic" was already taken, the authorities may recommend you name your boat "Mystic II" or "Mystic 2".

Perhaps this was the case here, and the owners simply decided to name it "Mystic 1" since it wasn't their 2nd Mystic but their first... Even if there may never be a "Mystic 2".

A boat name that is Nauti and Nice

Just received the following fun- and pun- filled message from a family trying to name their boat. Any suggestions?

We just bought a new boat...a 2004 Bayliner 245 cruiser...we have 2 daughter's ages 9 & 7...

so we don't want a name "too" perverted or anything...

i was thinking wet dream but decided it was little too "nauti" since it's a "family affair"...

however we also do a lot of partying~ adults only also... husband doesn't want the name to have anything to do with alcohol...says it will attract the boat police...

My husband works for a moving company and travels a lot...

I am currently a homemaker... no major hobbies other than boating!
good luck!!


It's nice to have an excuse to write about UCONN on the weekend that their men's basketball team is playing in the Final Four.

Rowing News Magazine
told me, via Twitter, that the UCONN women’s rowing team is honoring a retiring UCONN Professor, Sam Witryol by naming their racing shell after him.

The shell (that's rowing terminology for boat) is called Witryol’s Wake, Professor Sam. She (yup, even though it's named after a he, a boat is always a she) was christened with the new name at a UCONN men’s basketball game in December 2008, and will be rowed by the varsity rowing team this season. Full story from UCONN Advance Magazine.

We're on Twitter, too. Follow us at

*Photo by Peter Morenus

Is it ok to name a kayak?

I don't know what I liked more about this post from Andy's Building Things Blog - the discussion of boat naming (such as whether or not it's proper to name a kayak), or the reference to the brilliant British Darts Quiz Show.

The quiz looks a little like the Price Is Right, only with more darts.

As a purveyor of boat names, I definitely found the blog more informative, if not more entertaining. Especially after seeing the depth at which Andy discusses boat names, not just in the aforementioned post, but also in this older one about Vesper. I also like the name Pacifier, especially if you have young'uns.

By the way, I think it's perfectly fine to put a name on a kayak.

What do you think? Is a kayak worthy of a boat name?

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