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Trans Atlantic Rowers Need Help

Got any boat names ideas for this inspiring team?

In December of this Year my team and I (total of 4) are going to be competing in a Trans Atlantic Rowing race from Africa to the Caribbean. We have an ocean rowing boat we need named so we can start our campaign. The boat is 29.5 feet long and 6 feet wide and has two rowing positions, plus two cabins one main one on one end and a storage one on the other..Please help us.. the slogan of the race is “the world toughest rowing race” below is the link to the race website.We are currently the only American team signed up for the race, and the youngest women’s team to ever compete.

thanks for your help!!

Please post your boat name suggestions below.

Learn more about the Woodvale Challenge here.


Anonymous said...

How about American Girl... Great, now I can't get Tom Petty out of my head.

American Woman... Great, now I can't get The Guess Who out of my head.

Oh well, those names are too singular for a team anyway.

Anonymous said...

Since we are wanting to keep the American Dream alive (I am one of the rowers) how about "Dream Weavers" or "Dream Catchers" or "Dream Bait" (I thought of that one after thinking of Shark Bait-not a good luck one!)

Editor said...

Contest Coming Soon

To come up with the best boat name for these trans-Atlantic boaters.

Still looking for sponsors of prizes - so far we have a $50 gift certificate to, and vinyl lettering for the team's boat!

Email us if interested in sponsoring.

Anonymous said...

How about the "Rhumb Runner"? Since you're heading to a rum mecca and you "could" use a rhumb line to plot your bearing! A small but cute play on words!

Unknown said...

How about the "Spirit of Champlain" named for the French explorer that explored Lake Champlain in 1609? Its fitting because as a young man, Champlain sailed to the Caribbean. The conflict he witnessed there caused him to dream of founding a place of concord and peace. He founded Quebec with these ideals in 1608. The Caribbean is now a place of amity.

Anonymous said...

How about "Hope Floats", going along with a theme of keeping hope alive in this country (since it IS the only American team currently in the race) during times of hardship.

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