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Trans Atlantic Rowers Need Help

Got any boat names ideas for this inspiring team?

In December of this Year my team and I (total of 4) are going to be competing in a Trans Atlantic Rowing race from Africa to the Caribbean. We have an ocean rowing boat we need named so we can start our campaign. The boat is 29.5 feet long and 6 feet wide and has two rowing positions, plus two cabins one main one on one end and a storage one on the other..Please help us.. the slogan of the race is “the world toughest rowing race” below is the link to the race website.We are currently the only American team signed up for the race, and the youngest women’s team to ever compete.

thanks for your help!!

Please post your boat name suggestions below.

Learn more about the Woodvale Challenge here.

Top Boat Names Announced, the premier online destination for new boaters, today announced its list of the most popular boat names of the past year. The list, compiled by in collaboration with,, and the Boat Name Blog, includes nautical puns, tributes to recent movies and TV shows, and an overall celebration of the boating lifestyle.

Here are the top ten most popular boat names for 2008:

1. Happy Ours
2. Carpe Diem
3. Aqua - Holic
4. State of Mind
5. Anchor Management
6. The Office
7. Feelin' Nauti
8. Yes Dear
9. Sundance
10. Serenity Now

Several of the boat names on the list, such as “Happy Ours”, “State of Mind” and “Carpe Diem”, reflect how much enjoyment people derive from the boating lifestyle. In fact, the popularity of these particular boat names may suggest that boating, for some, offers a temporary respite from the unremitting news about a distressed economy and record-high fuel prices which were experienced during the peak of last year’s boating season.

In general, most of the names on this year’s list of top boat names illustrate that boaters are imaginative and passionate individuals who like to have fun.


My wife, Shannon, and I want her name on our fishing boat, an unnamed 2004 HydraSport walk around/cuddy cabin. It has a dark blue hull and white cabin. I like Shannon's Boy Toy, Sweet Shannon, etc. Any thoughts out there in cyberspace?

Tin Man

Just received this email, and I'm not sure if the bloke is trying to find a name for his boat, or list it for sale, but let's give him boat name suggestions anyway.

Here's his message:
It's an 11ft tinnie with a 4hp motor on it. It's A beatiful and Smooth Boat And Well Looked After.

Oh, he also mentioned that he likes to fish, and to have fun.

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