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Boat Name for a Yellow Cruisers Yacht

Not too much to go on here, but at least we have a pic of the boat! Please read and post your boat name ideas below:
It is a 52 cruisers yacht with a yellow hull.

We love to socialize and host parties on the boat.

The names of the owners are Mike and Terri.

We are looking for something funny and unique.

Thank you.

Dog Lover Boat Names Needed

Please read this and suggest your boat name ideas in our comments section below the post:
I need help with my boat name:

I am American, patriotic, a retired K-9 cop, my husband was international police and was killed in Iraq in 2006. I now raise Irish Jack Russell Terriers, have Irish ancestry and love the beach and water.

My new boat is a 28' Sea Ray Sundancer (cruiser)

Thank you for any help you can lend,


Boat Name of the Day: the Essex

We chose the "Essex" because today is the anniversary of her sinking after being attacked by a ticked off sperm whale in 1820, inspiring Moby-Dick (which inspired our choice for today's boat name as well as the Daily Boater's Sea Song of the Week.)

Previous Boat Names of the Day this week, mostly inspired by customers of BoatNameGear, were:
  • Thursday: Knot a Clue
  • Wednesday: Mestre Belo
  • Tuesday: Indulgence
  • Monday: BRANDI

Boat Name for a Fanatic

Recently received this message from someone who wants help naming their powerboat. Hmmm. Any ideas?
i have boy and girl named anthony, chrissy.

i am a fanantic the way that i keep my boats ( i really take care of it) and im a all or nothing kind of guy.

good luck!!!

Protect Your Boat with Personalized Fender Covers

Just came across a good article on DIY-Boat Owner magazine about protecting your boat - they give useful advice for avoiding hull damage caused by your uncovered fenders, especially during the winter.

The solution, says the article, is to get or make cloth fender covers.

Left uncovered, your fenders can wear away at the finish on your hull over time. As the fenders age, especially in salt water, their surfaces become rough and will scratch your hull.

BoatNameGear has the solution to protect your boat with our washable, soft cloth fender covers. These fender covers cost only a fraction of the price of the actual fenders, and include your boat name embroidered on them for no additional cost.

Check the size of your fenders and then visit BoatNameGear to order your custom fender covers now.

Those Nauti Boat Names

Friday’s boat name of the day is Nauti Buoy, which is also a contest entry in the Vote the Boat contest at the FirstBoat page on FaceBook ( )

Previous Boat Names of the Day this week:

  • Thursday: Jealous Much?, The boat in the new Courtney Cox show Cougar Town. Supposedly. Haven't actually seen it yet.

  • Wednesday: Corporate Office, the name of a 42' 2005 Ocean Alexander for sale by Merritt Yachts

  • Tuesday: Waste Knot, the boat name of a customer who is the owner of a waste management company.

  • Monday: Knight Time, the boat name of another BoatNameGear customer, and also the name of a classic superhero cartoon in which Superman impersonates Batman to protect the city of Gotham. Check it out on our Daily Boater YouTube channel.

  • Want to make your boat name the “Boat Name of the Day”? Send us a picture of your boat or product from BoatNameGear and you’ll be featured. It’s pretty simple.

    British Doctor, Chinese Boat

    I think you're going to like this particular boat name request, as it has a pic and is filled with details to use to help name the boat. I love the last line. Here's the message we received:

    Just getting a catamaran like the one in the picture, it's built in China.

    We live and sail in SW Britain (out of Cardiff).

    Have wife (chiropractor) and small son.

    Am a doctor.

    Not bothered which of these details features in the name.

    Italian-American Boat Names

    Received this message last week from Boston. Lots to work with, including a picture, career, cultural heritage, family. Can you help him name his really nice boat??? Please add comments below.
    Bought '09 luhrs convertibel 35' w/Zeus pod drive. Have wife Claudia and two daughters - Siena and Carina.

    We have long family history in Italy - I am first generation Itlo-American, have spent a lot of time in Italy. My home town in Italy is Fontana Liri - have spent time on the Amalfi Coast.

    I work in the investment business. We live up currently in the Boston, MA area. I like sports and am a classic type A personality.

    Boat Name for a Bow Rider

    Just received this message and need help naming this boat:

    We just bought a 16 ft bow rider for our family.

    This is our first boat, however, my wife of 10 years has grown up on boats.

    We have two daughters, one 8 and one 5. Avery and Sydney.

    Not sure if one even names a 16 ft boat but would love your opinion.

    Tuesday’s Boat Name of the Day

    Lisa Marie. She’s not only a Presley, but also a 31-foot lobster boat.

    Yes, today's Boat Name of the Day is the "Lisa Marie".

    She (the lobster boat, not the Presley) was stolen in Maine last year by a drunken teenager and taken for a joy ride. The boat is in the news today as the now 20-y.o. man was sentenced to a couple of years in prison for the escapade.

    Ouch. Have you done worse things in your college years? I guess it’s all fun and games until someone loses a boat.

    Name this Watkins Tri-Cabin Sailboat

    Received this message last week and still can't think of a good sailboat name. Can you suggest one? Please post your ideas below the story. Thanks!
    This is our third sailboat in three years. All Watkins, of course.

    Our Watkins 23XL is named Tovah, Hebrew meaning good. Currently the new boat is Ping An, a Watkins 36AC.

    We love sailing and hanging out on the boat. We are at a loss as to what to name the new boat.

    This is our retirement boat, we plan to go cruising when we retire in 5 to 7 years.

    Topping Names Like Elias and Pelagic

    Came across a wonderful blog this morning in our relentless search for boat names and the stories behind them. Once in a Lifetime is a firsthand account of a family's voyage from Alaska to Australia - and beyond - aboard their Crealock 37, named Pelagic.

    First of all, I had to google the word "pelagic" to learn that, appropriately, it comes from the Greek πέλαγος or pélagos, which means open sea.

    Second, it turns out that a post on the family's blog from this past week is more than just a discussion about boat names. The news is not in that the family is trading up to a bigger boat, but in the reason why they need a bigger boat.

    Congratulations to Mike, Alisa and Elias on their really big news from the crew of the Boat Name Blog.

    Balloon Boy and the Boat Name of the Day

    Yesterday the world was captivated by a strange and potentially horrifying scene as a silver balloon flew across the skies of Colorado – allegedly carrying a six year old boy named Falcon, who quickly earned the nickname “Balloon Boy”.

    We were relieved that Balloon Boy was later discovered safe on the ground, and soon felt taken when it was speculated that the whole event was a twisted publicity stunt by the boy and his family.

    In fact, we were so relieved about Falcon's safety that we have chosen Maltese Falcon as today’s Boat Name of the Day.

    The Maltese Falcon was itself built with showmanship in mind and begged for publicity, as it was the largest and fastest personal sailboat in the world when launched in 2006.

    Earlier this week, our Boat Names of the Day were:

    Orca (homage to Jaws, and You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat)
    Wind Swept  (a customer of our favorite store for nautical gifts)
    Purple Reign (a competitor in this weekend's Head of the Charles)
    Santa Maria (The boat name for Monday, October 12th. Too obvious?)

    Broken Boat Name

    After reading this sad story, you may be thinking of boat names with the word "survey" or "lemon" in them:
    1.5 hours after I bought the boat, the starboard outdrive bit the dust and I had to limp into port on the just the port engine.

    in the process, i stripped the gears in the steering gearbox.

    When we pulled it out of the water, the outdrives were corroded and we found lots of other issues......HELP with a cool name!

    Amberjack Boat Name

    Sea Ray Amberjacks are NICE BOATS if you like fishing in style! Wanna help name one?

    We received this email last week - if it inspires any boat name ideas, please post them below.
    My dream has always been to have a boat on Lake Erie.

    I just purchased a Sea Ray 270 Amberjack & I am studying for my captains license.

    I am truely addicted to fishing on Lake Erie.

    Round the World for a Boat Name

    Wednesday’s Boat Name of the Day is "Jamaica Lightning Bolt" - one of the contenders in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

    Participants in the ten month challenge began the race last month and are about to enter into the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone), more commonly known as the Doldrums.

    More about this race at today’s Daily Boater.

    Bigger than a Wee Boat

    Just got this boat name request and need your help. Please read and submit you boat name ideas below!

    My husband decided that if he couldn’t have a Corvette for his 40th, then he wanted a boat. We started off small and his mom and dad bought a 17 ft Bayliner. Three days later and still no name, I stated to my mother-in-law "I know technically this is your boat…" She quickly responds, "no it's a we boat". Every one yells that’s the name. Are 17ft Bayliner is now "WEE BOAT".

    We are now stumped on naming our second boat, a 22 ft Winner.

    After enjoying Wee Boat for a few months we decided that it was not big enough for our 3 boys (although we do plan on keeping her). We won the bid on E Bay and after one trip out we decide this boat will do just fine for a while. But what to name her, it has already been two week! Some names we are pondering: Still Winning, A Stone’s Throw (our last name is Stone), For The Boys, and Wee Boating.

    When Pigs Fly

    Friday’s Boat Name of the Day is "Flying Pig", which is the name of a 46-foot sailboat that was reported missing a couple of days ago en route from Lake Worth, FL, to the Bahamas. The AP reports that when the so-called missing boaters overheard a marine broadcast of their being lost, they called the coast guard on the radio to let them know they were safely anchored near Abaco Island in the Bahamas.

    Previous boat names of the day this week included:

    Thursday:  "The Good Fight", via a Customer of BoatNameGear, but the products were purchased as a gift, so we can’t tell you where the boat hails from or what products they had us stitch the boat name on ;-)

    Wednesday’s cool boat name of the day was Arctic Autumn, spotted in Alaska. There's more to the story, and great pictures, here.

    Tuesday’s boat name was "Knot 4 Sail" from a customer of in VA (the boat is in Virginia, not BoatNameGear.)

    Monday’s boat name was SEA NOTES, suggested via twitterer @estikna – the name is on a boat in NJ and refers to big money, benjamins, $100-bills… as in C-Notes.

    If you want to get these boat names daily, follow FirstBoat on Twitter.

    Is Shamu a good boat name?

    Received this profile from a couple of first time boat owners. Can you help them and their daughters name their boat?

    We have two daughters - Nessi and Jessi are their nicknames, and a dog Precious. 

    The 29 foot Monterey is black and of course the white/off white top. 

    My daughters love Shamu and when the boat was on the forklift being put on the water that was the first thing I thought of .... Shamu

    Cool Boat Name of the Day

    Today we went to the last frontier to find our Boat Name of the Day. In fact, we went to a blog called Life and Adventures in the Last Frontier, run by an educator and boater named Jill from Palmer, Alaska.

    Jill recently spotted an overwhelming amount of boats with names that only an Alaskan would choose. One of the best she spotted, in my opinion, was Arctic Autumn, so that is today’s Boat Name of the Day. It just sounds crisp, doesn’t it?

    If you are looking for a “cool” boat name, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some of the pictures Jill snapped, as well as her other adventures, at her blog.

    Ford Trucks, Harleys, Drag Racing

    Just got this request for boat name help on our blog. Plenty to go on. Please suggest boat names below.
    I would like some help with a name for our new boat. 
    My husband works for Ford, drives a semi truck, love harleys and drag racing ...any ideas?
    We have a 28ft Wellcraft cruiser.

    Make Your First Sailboat a Big One

    Gotta love it when you go large with your first boat!

    Received this message last week and hope you can help this family out with some boat names: 

    49 ft Beneteau, 2 girls with initials S and T, would like zimm somewhere in the name, like to have fun with friends, entertain and be with family. NEVER have sailed before... dumb, I know!

    Click This Boat Name

    Just last week we received this message from someone looking for a snappy boat name. Give it a shot. I'm sure you can suggest something that clicks. Should I go on? That's what I thought. I don't think he's a fisherman, so please keep your "snapper" boat names to yourself.

    Here's his message:
    I am a photographer and would like a name along those lines. Thought of Photo finish but it doesn't quite do it.

    Cruzin South for a Boat Name

    A few weeks ago I received this boat name request from a young woman named Donna who owns a magazine called Cruzin' South - covering everything from bikes to custom cars and hot racing events, charity shows and even planes, trains and automobiles.  Maybe they'll start covering boats, too!

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to help Donna name her boat. Post your boat name suggestions below. Here's her request:
    The boat is a red and yellow BAJA 26 foot Islander. Everybody seems to love to hang out with us. We work all the time, I own Cruzin South Magazine... my husband is in railroad construction.. train names are fun.

    Our river home is called the Wadford River Resort. It is on the TN river. And yes we drink... crown royal preferably.

    So any help will be great.

    Donna and Glen, we use D&G for short (like Dolce and Gabanna-high end fashion line)

    Thanks and good luck

    Boat Name of the Day for Friday

    WILD GOOSE - John Wayne's yacht is on display at the Lido Yacht Expo in Newport Beach this weekend, so it's only fitting that we chose "Wild Goose" as the boat name of the day for Friday.

    Speaking of John Wayne and names, here's a little trivia for you: John Wayne was named Marion Robert Morrison when he was born, but his parents soon changed his name to Marion Mitchell Morrison. They named Marion's little brother Robert and I guess they wanted to avoid any confusion. Maybe they should have just started calling young Marion "John Wayne" when he was little! :-)

    Previous boat names of the day this week were:

    Pair of Jacks

    Waters Edge


    We pick our daily names from customers of our two boat name stores, BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames, as well as from boats of interest that we see on the water or in the news.

    We announce The Boat Name of the Day on Twitter every weekday. Suggestions are welcome via email, but you must share the story behind your boat name.

    If your creative juices are flowing and you're full of boat name ideas, please help another boater name their boat at the Boat Name Blog.

    Tug Boat Names

    There's something about a tug - they just look so... good.

    A couple of weeks ago we received the following boat name request.

    Got any ideas? Post them below please...
    We love beagles, currently have two... Abby and Rex.

    And we are working on our steel tug will be launched next May 2010.

    We purchased the steel tug boat...25' at the end of December of 2008 and it had a wood cabin on her...

    We ripped that off and constructed a steel cabin (It was purchased as a project boat)

    Peachy Boat Name Ideas

    Can you help these boaters with a fruitful boat name? Recently received the following message:
    We really want the name "Peach" as part of our boat name.

    We moved from the UK to Ontario 2 years ago. We like to take it easy on our boat with friends. Looking for a something Peachy other than Peachy Keen.

    Any ideas?

    Married on the Waters Edge

    I don't own a Hunter sailboat, but somehow this morning through a series of clicks around the web I ended up on a website called Knotline - the Hunter Owner's Blog. On the blog I found a captivating story about a couple of newlyweds and their new sailboat and new life together. It was her first boat, and they named it after her "screen name" – Waters Edge. In my opinion, it's a great name and a good story that I recommend reading even if you don't own a Hunter.

    I'm not sure where this couple is from, but there is a beautiful resort in Westbrook, Connecticut, which is also called Waters Edge. Perhaps they'll cruise there someday in their new Hunter.

    Bank It

    Based on the following message, what boat names would you suggest?
    I am a police officer in ohio and my wife works for a bank. It is our first boat together and we need a perfect name. It is a 38 ft. Chris Craft.

    Desert or Dessert Oasis

    This one should be easy! What are your boat name ideas? Here's the request:
    I am in the process of buying a yacht, mostly to have in the marina with my friends and their boats, drink wine, eat chocolate, enjoy the weather... I live in the desert and this boat will be in San Diego. I have had a couple suggestions involving my wife's name, Lekki (rhymes with becky) such as lekki me, etc. can you please help out?

    Psychological Boat Names

    This psychologist would like some boat names she could wrap her head around. Suggestions please!

    Here's her message:
    I am a psychologist and have a 1971 Trojan. My husband and I love skiing, psychology, and our dog (Pink Smiley Emerald, or emme.) Would like a psychological name.

    Any ideas?

    Pirate Boat Names

    This one is wide open for fans of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here's the brief boat name request message we received from a guy that also mentioned he likes to fish:
    We want to incorporate a Pirate theme if possible... Thanks!

    Boat Name of the Day

    Friday’s is "Lost Buoys" - the boat is owned by a young vampire navigating somewhere off Southern Cali.

    Previous Boat Names of the Day from this week were:

    Thursday’s name was spotted on the boat of someone who was likely a dot-com mogul in Ft Meyers. Either that or they just got their first AOL account and thought they were cool: I’m@C.calm

    Wednesday we found a boat name from a customer who probably won’t remember shopping at our store: Carpe Drinkem

    Tuesday’s boat name was MELLOW YELLOW and Monday’s boat name of the day this week was LIQUID ASSET. Yes it is!

    Monday’s and Tuesday’s names also came from customers of our boat name stores, BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames.

    We pick boat names we like every day and announce them on Twitter as the Boat Name of the Day.

    If you’re feeling creative, please help a boater name their boat at the Boat Name Blog.

    Steelers and Beer Boat Names

    Hey Steelers fans. We receieved this message a couple of weeks ago and need help suggesting boat names. Whaddaya got?
    I like beer (Bud Light)...

    I love Pittsburgh Steelers and was trying to think of something like Blitz-Burgh ie. "Bud-Burgh" or "Fish-Burgh" or something like that then something that goes with steelers like "still-waters".

    Also I thought "Aquaholic" or something to reflect my drinking habits:)

    Love to fish also..

    Musical Boat Names

    Retired musically-inclined couple needs a boat name. Please check out their message and post suggestions below:
    Both my wife and I are retired. We both are very musical, I am a conductor, she an organist. Have owned many boats. Boat mostly on inland waterways.

    Flying Boat Names

    We recently received this message. Can you help these folks find a boat name:
    We have a Sea Ray Sundeck 240. Our last name starts with Fitz, so we were trying to think of a clever boat name using Fitz. Or maybe using our former professions - My husband was a pilot and I was a flight attendant. I thought of Water Landing, and Flotation Device, but I'd really like more help. Thanks for any ideas.

    (Picture copyright info: De Havilland Single Otter in Harbour Air livery. Taken by Ben W Bell, August 2004)

    Boat Chix

    We recently received the following message from a couple of young ladies trying to name their power boat. Not much to go on, but I'm sure we can think of something:
    Me and my friend are buying a boat next summer... trying to think of a clever boat name for two chix that own a boat... it's going to be black with hot pink letters for the boat name.

    Boat Name of the Day

    Friday’s name is “Patriot Games” via a customer of BoatNameGear.

    Previous boat names this week included:

    "OVER DEW" was Thursday's Boat Name of the Day

    Wednesday’s was "Wishes Granted"

    Tuesday's Boat Name of the Day was "BLACK JACK"

    There was no boat name of the day on Labor Day.

    We pick boat names we like every day and announce them on Twitter as the Boat Name of the Day. Our sources include customers of BoatNameGear and CustomBoatNames, and randomly generated boat names found on the FirstBoat boat name machine.

    Watching the detectives

    Yesterday we got a boat name request from someone trying to help a brother out. Literally. Check it out:
    I'm looking for ideas for a fishing boat my brother just brought. He is looking for something unique. A little background on him for potential ideas. He is detective in New Jersey. He has four daughters. His last boat went by the name four reel.

    Boat of Darkness

    We received the following message recently from a new boat owner (almost) down in Florida. Please check out their story and post comments with good boat name ideas:
    My new boat is going to be a 32 ft Yellowfin Center Console with an all-black hull. We live on Siesta Key, FL, and this is going to be primarily a hardcore fishing boat for tuna, marlin, swordfish, sailfish, dolphin, grouper, and snapper.

    We've been trying to think of a name that incorporates the theme of the black hull or at least dark or darkness.

    We've come up with many names, but it always seems that they've been on other boats that we've seen in the area, we'd prefer something unique. Of course there may be other boats with the same name somewhere in the world, but we'd prefer if we were the only ones with a particular name locally.

    Boat Names for Guys and Gals

    Boat name help needed! I just received this message from a family trying to name their boat:
    There are three of us. Me, my wife and son. Her maiden name is pronounced "guys" but spelled differently. We thought it would be fun to play off "three guys" but haven't found the right way. Also, I'm from the Chesapeake area, so something related to that would be cool. Other than that, we're short on ideas that really catch us.
    Got any ideas for these guys? Please post them below.

    Hunting for a Boat Name

    I recently received the following message from new boaters in Long Island.
    Please help us name our 18 ft sea hunt
  • include "sue" or "susan" in name
  • the boat has a blue bimini
  • name of our house is " crab shack "
  • live in massapequa ny
  • 1st boat.
  • We love that it's their 1st boat! Can you think of any names? Please post below.

    Boat Names of the Week

    The boat name of the day for Friday is Bill Collector.

    Each day, as of this week, we started selecting a new boat name of the day and announcing it on Twitter. We pick interesting boat names that are sent to us, or from our customers that come in each day through our online stores - Custom Boat Names which sells vinyl boat lettering and Boat Name Gear which sells, you guessed it, gear such as shirts, hats and welcome mats with your boat name embroidered on it.

    Send us your boat name on Twitter (@FirstBoat) or post it as a comment below for consideration.

    Monday: Reel Escape (This came in from an anonymous customer of Boat Name Gear who purchased embroidered boat name shirts for someone else as a gift. Isn't that nice?)

    Tuesday: Fish Tales (that is the boat name of the winner of the July BoatUS contest, in which they gave away $200 worth of Boat Name Gear)

    Wednesday: Champagne For No Reason (Sent to us by Carl Blackwell, the owner of a boat by that name and the spokesman for DiscoverBoating. Carl told us that the boat name translates: celebrate life everyday.)

    Thursday: Amazing Grace (an anonymous customer in Mass who bought his vinyl boat name lettering from Custom Boat Names)

    And finally, wrapping up the week, today's boat name of the day, Bill Collector, was suggested via Twitter by @AquaBrothers. Great name for a sport fishing boat!

    Spinning some boat names

    Great, thorough boat name request, complete with picture. Surely we can help these folks out:

    My husband and I need a name for our boat, we have three children ages 17, 11 &8. We own a DJ business and my husband will retire from the airforce in 5 years. We enjoy tubing with the kids or just floating around! We can't wait to have more time for ourselves and relaxing on the water! Our retirement home will have a private dock on a lake! Can you help us out. Thank you

    Does Charlie Brown have a boat?

    This real life "Charlie Brown" does have a boat, and he needs a name for it.


    Please read his message and post boat name suggestions below. Sounds like a nice boat!
    message: Need a name for runabout 1950 bayliner classic. Our life is our grandkids. Wife name is Edith.

    Charlie Brown

    The Crown Jewels

    Received the following message from a nice retired couple with a nice boat. Please check out their story and suggest some boat names for them, and maybe they'll take me for a ride:
    We own a 43 tiara sovran, tiara's company boat name is Crown Jewel, so something related to jewelry would be fitting for this boat. Our last boat name was Porta Party, but lately (because of porta potties) everyone was mispronouncing the name. We are retired living in SW Florida, had a trucking business and belong to a boating club.

    High Maintenance Boat Name

    Just got the following message, which kind of cracked me up. Can you help with some ideas for boat names please? One downside for our vinyl lettering business, Custom Boat Names, is that this model doesn't look like it has much room to actually put a boat name on it! Oh well, that's no reason not to name her!
    I will admit, I'm a little high maintenance. = )

    We have a 5 year old daughter that is just as bad. = )

    We like to just cruise and relax with our friends and our vodka and rum drinks.
    Okay, then! Submit your boat name ideas below the picture of this family's Crownline. Oh, and by the way, the family in the picture are the models from Crownline's website, not the actual family that needs their boat named here, so please just focus on the message and the boat. Good luck!

    Another Fireman Another Boat Name

    Why do we get so many reqeusts for boat name help from firemen? I wonder if a large percentage of firemen are boaters? Maybe being surrounded by water is the best place not to think about work when you're in the business of putting out fires.

    Anyway, here's our latest request:

    Tried to make a name out of our initials, but no luck. However, maybe we could go another avenue. He is a fireman and I do MRI. Need some imagination. What do you think? We like to fish and have fun with friends on our boat.

    Help a fireman out. Please add your suggestions for boat names below.

    We Have A Winner

    Actually, we have SIX winners. And, we have a name for the boat being rowed across the ocean this December by a courageous team of women from around the US. The name the boat contest, which ran in March of this year, was sponsored by Ask the Boater and Custom Boat Names.

    There were hundreds of great boat names submitted, but the grand prize winner - chosen by the team - is a good one. I have to admit, I had to Google it to figure out its meaning. The winning name - Festina Lente - couldn't be more appropriate for a boat that is being rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.

    Congratulations to our First Prize winner, Larry, who came up with the winning boat name and is receiving over $500 worth of prizes, including:

    1. Perricone M.D. skin care products (value $100)
    (Includes: Full-sized Face Finishing Moisturizer and Nutritive Cleanser)
    2. In home computer service from NerdsToGo (value $100)
    3. Defying Empire - A book by Thomas Truxes (value $30)
    4. Autographed copy of the book Guide to Pirate Parenting
    5. Russell Organics gift set of Organic Shower Gel from (value $64)
    6. Vinyl Boat Lettering Package from Custom Boat Names (value $100)
    7. Gift Certificate to Boat Name Gear (value $100)

    Additionally, five runner ups, Joe, John, Ron, Lou, and William, were chosen at random and will win prizes valued from $20 to $70 each.

    Thank you to everybody that helped make this contest so successful, and to our sponsors without whom we would be giving away a crappy thank you note a pat on the back.

    Congratulations to all our winners, and most of all, congratulations to the team for finally having a new boat name!

    Her Boat, Her Boat Name

    Another boat name request from a female boat owner came in recently.

    Sounds like it's her boat so it will be up to her to choose the boat name, but she can't think of one.

    Please comment below with boat name suggestions.

    Here's her message:
    260 Sundancer, female owner, Automotive Designer, mother of two, married 30 years, like martini's and captain morgan.

    Single Girl Seeks EFAOBN

    Just received this picture and request for help with boat names this evening and bumped it to the top of the blog.

    In addition to sending us the message below with a picture of the actual boat she wants us to help her name, this girl indicated that she likes to socialize with other boaters, and I'm sure she will have the time of her life on her first boat.

    In case you're wondering, FAOBN = Extremely Funny And Original Boat Names

    Anyway, here's her pic and message. Add your boat name ideas below.

    I am a single girl who just purchased her own first powerboat. I enjoy the water and am looking for an extremely funny and original boat name. I am pretty creative, but am looking for some suggestions for my new boat.

    Comment below with your boat name suggestions.

    Sailboat Name Needed

    Yesterday I received a brief boat name request from Mike Orren.

    He's in news/media. Wife is an attorney.

    Any suggestions for Mike's green beauty? Please post them here.

    Power couple needs a boat name

    I just re-read the email below and can't think of anything yet for this power couple trying to name their yacht. Any suggestions?
    I am a physician(anesthesiologist) and my spouse is an accountant(Chief Financial officer). We just bought our first boat which is a gently used Carver 410 sport sedan. We were both divorced before meeting via online dating. She is Hungarian/Scottish mix and I am Chinese. We were thinking of something taking our different jobs or our cultures into consideration. So far we had Eurasian Star as a possibility. Please any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Boat Names for a Lynch Mob

    Just received this request. Can you suggest some boat names for this family?
    I'm trying to help my Dad come up with a name for his boat. His last name is Lynch (already did Lynch Mob). He's a grandfather we call Poppi, and wife we call Mimi. He's a therapist and also he's been a sailor his whole life and finally went to a motor boat. He's really into his family and everyone plans to go on the boat together. Any personal suggestions would be great. Thank you!

    Fishing and Hunting Boat Name

    I received the following message last week and haven't been able to come with a good boat name to help them out. If you can think of a good one, please post comments below:
    I fish Lake Michigan primarily for Salmon and Trout, I also enjoy hunting waterfowl too.

    I live in Indiana right by Lake Michigan.

    My boat is an 18 foot Starcraft.

    Play Ball

    I recently received an email from a woman who was trying to help a retired pro baseball player name his boat. The anonymous player was a catcher in the majors who bought a powerboat to spend his free time on.

    Any boat name suggestions? Please add your ideas below.

    Diesel and Stiletto Shoes

    Here is a great hodgepodge of thoughts from a family looking for a boat name. Look at the picture of their boat, put these ideas together, and what do you get? Hmmmm...

    Diesel, any thing to do with trucks, stiletto shoes, Roxy (our dog), parties, mechanic, water skiing, socializing with other boaters.

    Happy Family Boat Names

    No matter what type of product or service you sell, there's not much better than hearing from a happy customer. When you ship something like vinyl lettering all over the country, you often only hear from customers when they need help removing old boat name lettering, or concocting a boat re-naming ceremony.

    So when a customer takes the time to send photos of the finished product, in use, and write something nice, it is very rewarding to know all your hard work was not for nothing.

    Here's the brief email I received from a customer of Custom Boat Names from Cleveland that made my Tuesday:

    Our lettering looks great and was simple to apply. Attached are a couple of pictures if you’d like to use on your site.

    Thank you!
    If you'd like a boat name like Lisa's, please visit Custom Boat Names.

    Big family needs a big boat name

    Finally, a boat name request with some teeth. Kudos to this boat owner for giving us something to work with.

    Now, get your creative juices flowing, and find this big family a boat name for their big new boat! Comment below with your boat name suggestions.

    Here's their story:

    We had a 23 foot boat before and we are so happy to have finally purchased a 27 foot Baja.
    We have 4 kids.
    We love to boat and hang out with friends on the lake.
    It's what we love to do All Summer Long.

    A unique boat name for a first boat

    Not much to go on here, but perhaps if we post some ideas, the boat owner will be navigated on the right course. If, somehow, this boat name request inspires your creativity, please post boat name ideas below:

    I want a name is different than what I am seeing on the net.

    This is my first boat.

    I am married and have two children.

    A boat name to fish and drink with

    This short and sweet message is a cry for help and a boat name request all in one. Can you please help these folks out with some boat name ideas by commenting below?

    My honey, myself, my brother and his wife bought a cabin cruiser.

    We love to fish and drink and enjoy the water and being away from it all.

    Boat Name the First

    A lot of people have been asking me about the regulations regarding boat names, and there are plenty, and none, all at the same time and depending on where you boat.

    However, I just came across an interesting post about the use of numbers at the end of the boat name on a true cruiser's blog - Benners Adrift.

    Upon meeting up with some friends and seeing their new boat, they write:
    Who names their boat Mystic 1? How does someone know, when buying and naming their first boat Mystic that there will be another boat and that they will want to name it Mystic as well thereby necessitating the addition of the numeral 1 to the nomenclature? (read their full post)
    Good point. I can't argue with the apparent presumptiousness of naming your first boat with a "one" or "the first".

    However, it is true in some countries - at least I've heard of this in Canada - that you cannot repeat a boat name that is already registered. (Don't worry - not the case in the US). For example, if registering a boat in Canada, and the name "Mystic" was already taken, the authorities may recommend you name your boat "Mystic II" or "Mystic 2".

    Perhaps this was the case here, and the owners simply decided to name it "Mystic 1" since it wasn't their 2nd Mystic but their first... Even if there may never be a "Mystic 2".

    A boat name that is Nauti and Nice

    Just received the following fun- and pun- filled message from a family trying to name their boat. Any suggestions?

    We just bought a new boat...a 2004 Bayliner 245 cruiser...we have 2 daughter's ages 9 & 7...

    so we don't want a name "too" perverted or anything...

    i was thinking wet dream but decided it was little too "nauti" since it's a "family affair"...

    however we also do a lot of partying~ adults only also... husband doesn't want the name to have anything to do with alcohol...says it will attract the boat police...

    My husband works for a moving company and travels a lot...

    I am currently a homemaker... no major hobbies other than boating!
    good luck!!

    UCONN Boat

    It's nice to have an excuse to write about UCONN on the weekend that their men's basketball team is playing in the Final Four.

    Rowing News Magazine
    told me, via Twitter, that the UCONN women’s rowing team is honoring a retiring UCONN Professor, Sam Witryol by naming their racing shell after him.

    The shell (that's rowing terminology for boat) is called Witryol’s Wake, Professor Sam. She (yup, even though it's named after a he, a boat is always a she) was christened with the new name at a UCONN men’s basketball game in December 2008, and will be rowed by the varsity rowing team this season. Full story from UCONN Advance Magazine.

    We're on Twitter, too. Follow us at

    *Photo by Peter Morenus

    Is it ok to name a kayak?

    I don't know what I liked more about this post from Andy's Building Things Blog - the discussion of boat naming (such as whether or not it's proper to name a kayak), or the reference to the brilliant British Darts Quiz Show.

    The quiz looks a little like the Price Is Right, only with more darts.

    As a purveyor of boat names, I definitely found the blog more informative, if not more entertaining. Especially after seeing the depth at which Andy discusses boat names, not just in the aforementioned post, but also in this older one about Vesper. I also like the name Pacifier, especially if you have young'uns.

    By the way, I think it's perfectly fine to put a name on a kayak.

    What do you think? Is a kayak worthy of a boat name?

    Name The Boat Contest

    Over $650.00 in prizes to help a Trans-Atlantic rowing team name their boat. The first prize is a package worth over $500 and there are 5 additional prizes!

    About the Boat

    This is not just any boat you're helping to name - it is a boat that will be rowed in the 2009 Woodvale Challenge Atlantic Rowing Race from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua, West Indies (approximately 2,900 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean). This is currently the only American team signed up for the race, and is one of the few comprised of all women rowers, including Anne Miltenberger, Kelly Nothstein, and Lauren Greenspon, who plan on making history by breaking the world speed record for their crossing, while trying to bring attention to the environment by supporting Keep America Beautiful. Please help them name their boat!

    About the Contest

    Ask the Boater is co-sponsoring this contest with Custom Boat Names, and it is very easy to enter. Simply click here to enter your one suggestion for a boat name in our entry form.

    First Place Package (valued at over $500)

    1. Perricone M.D. skin care products (value $100)
    (Includes: Full-sized Face Finishing Moisturizer and Nutritive Cleanser)
    2. In home computer service from NerdsToGo (value $100)
    3. Defying Empire - A book by Thomas Truxes (value $30)
    4. Autographed copy of the book Guide to Pirate Parenting
    5. Russell Organics gift set of Organic Shower Gel from (value $64)
    6. Vinyl Boat Lettering Package from Custom Boat Names (value $100)
    7. Gift Certificate to Boat Name Gear (value $100)

    Additional Prizes

    Five additional lucky winners will be chosen randomly for the following prizes:

  • 2 winners will each receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Boat Name Gear (value $25 each)
  • 1 winner will receive an hour of Social Media Consulting provided by Customized Marketing (value $70)
  • 2 winners will each receive a $20 iTunes gift card from Customized Marketing (value $20 each)

    Be sure to complete your entry soon - contest ends March 31, 2009!

    Click here to enter the contest now.
  • Empty Nesters Need a Boat Name

    Just received this message. Can you help?

    we have a 27ft powerboat we are empty nesters and love boating and Jimmy Buffett but need a name for our boat!

    please help

    we are in the railroad and medical field

    Thanks for your help

    Boats and Bars

    Not that kind of Bars! This ain't no Jimmy Buffett song. Please help this fine fellow name his boat.

    He likes to socialize with other boaters, fish, loves to gamble and enjoys football.

    Best part is his occupation: He works in a maximum security prison!

    Can you help this boater name his boat?

    Please add boat names as comments below.

    Trans Atlantic Rowers Need Help

    Got any boat names ideas for this inspiring team?

    In December of this Year my team and I (total of 4) are going to be competing in a Trans Atlantic Rowing race from Africa to the Caribbean. We have an ocean rowing boat we need named so we can start our campaign. The boat is 29.5 feet long and 6 feet wide and has two rowing positions, plus two cabins one main one on one end and a storage one on the other..Please help us.. the slogan of the race is “the world toughest rowing race” below is the link to the race website.We are currently the only American team signed up for the race, and the youngest women’s team to ever compete.

    thanks for your help!!

    Please post your boat name suggestions below.

    Learn more about the Woodvale Challenge here.

    Top Boat Names Announced, the premier online destination for new boaters, today announced its list of the most popular boat names of the past year. The list, compiled by in collaboration with,, and the Boat Name Blog, includes nautical puns, tributes to recent movies and TV shows, and an overall celebration of the boating lifestyle.

    Here are the top ten most popular boat names for 2008:

    1. Happy Ours
    2. Carpe Diem
    3. Aqua - Holic
    4. State of Mind
    5. Anchor Management
    6. The Office
    7. Feelin' Nauti
    8. Yes Dear
    9. Sundance
    10. Serenity Now

    Several of the boat names on the list, such as “Happy Ours”, “State of Mind” and “Carpe Diem”, reflect how much enjoyment people derive from the boating lifestyle. In fact, the popularity of these particular boat names may suggest that boating, for some, offers a temporary respite from the unremitting news about a distressed economy and record-high fuel prices which were experienced during the peak of last year’s boating season.

    In general, most of the names on this year’s list of top boat names illustrate that boaters are imaginative and passionate individuals who like to have fun.


    My wife, Shannon, and I want her name on our fishing boat, an unnamed 2004 HydraSport walk around/cuddy cabin. It has a dark blue hull and white cabin. I like Shannon's Boy Toy, Sweet Shannon, etc. Any thoughts out there in cyberspace?

    Tin Man

    Just received this email, and I'm not sure if the bloke is trying to find a name for his boat, or list it for sale, but let's give him boat name suggestions anyway.

    Here's his message:
    It's an 11ft tinnie with a 4hp motor on it. It's A beatiful and Smooth Boat And Well Looked After.

    Oh, he also mentioned that he likes to fish, and to have fun.

    Suggest some boat names and WIN!

    How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

    How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

    More Boat Names - the Archive