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Electric Boat Names

Hi -

I have purchased an electric boat to use on Lake George in New York. The Boat is a Lear Boat 204. It has a white hull with red and blue detailing. I am looking for a clever name having something to do with batteries, charging, etc.

Some ideas so far include:
Charged Up
Direct Current
Charge It
Batteries Included
Current Choice
Current Power
Red, Watt & Blue

Many of these would be fine, but none feel just right. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Ann Marie

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Dog Whisperer

Got any good boat name ideas? The following family needs a name for their new boat:

My husband and I just bought our first boat together and need a name! His first boat was Dog Talk (he has 2 dogs) and then the next one was Kennel Klub (I had 2 dogs when we got married, they are gone now). Now we have a child, boy, about a year old. He is a real estate appraiser and I am a nurse. Help! The name doesn't have to pertain to dogs, some reference to family would be good. Thanks for any ideas!

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