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No More Breakin the Law

By far this is the best message this site has ever received. Can you help Joe name his boat?

I'm 16 I just got out of a lot of trouble with the law and I got my self a boat instead of a car. I love to fish, I own a production studio, and I'm starting to charter people out on my 21 Contender and I feel like i should have a name for her. A little more about me is I love to have fun, love to party, and I believe you should life to your fullest because you never know when it could end. Well i sure hope you guys can help me out. Much love. Joe


Editor said...

How about "On the Run"?

Sounds like our Dunkin Donuts post from last month.

LifeLight said...

My first thoughts include:
-"Second Chance"
-"Conte Nast"(a variant on Conde Nast)
-"Deputy"(like, "I Shot the Sheriff...but I Did Not Shoot the Deputy")
-"Only Live Once" (You only live once) or the counterview:
-"Live Forever"
-"The Producer"
-"Straight Away"
Whatever you choose will be great!
BTW--if you're turning over a new leaf, you could solidify your commitment with something trustworthy instead of continuing your old path, like: "Trusty", "Gratitude", or "Faithful"

Anonymous said...

How about Other Cell Floating Cell Life Saver Die Tryin

Anonymous said...

comment left on my article High Jinks.....
#13 by C Jordan
Nov 25, 2008 The above comment is not a spam, but a site that linked my article, therefore I fully endorse it.


Anonymous said...

"nolle prosequi" (it is a Latin term for dropping your charges)

term of probation

off the hook (also includes a fishing refrence)

Editor said...

Just saw one today on the Hudson: "LAWFUL"

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