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Firemen Again

Two firefighter requests in one week. Wow, those guys like to boat. I guess after being around fire all the time makes you appreciate being surrounded by water more than most.

Anyway, just got this boat name request:

My husband is a FireFighter and I am a pharmaceutical Sales Rep. We have 2 girls and we all fish. Any suggestions?????


Anonymous said...

I once saw a boat in Long Island Sound named "Smoked Bluefish", but you can change "bluefish" for whatever you like to catch.

The classic fireman/fisherman boat name is "Hook N Ladder"

Charlene said...

Not sure how to incorporate your Pharmaceutical background but my husband is a Firefighter and we boat... one name we were considering was "Fire Escape"

Anonymous said...

kelly day

Anonymous said...

Fish_N_ fry fry is a term in reference to the live baby fish that are born alive, not from eggs.or could be in reference that you catch fish and fry them up.

Anonymous said...

How about "Fireman's Quickie"?

I saw a racer with that name on his ride and thought it was neat...

Anonymous said...

Fire Escape

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