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Computer Boat Names

Okay, I'm finally caught up and posting requests for boat names that probably haven't been named yet! This one just came in last week, and I think we can help them out! Post your boat name suggestions as comments below.

My husband and I just bought our first boat. We are both really into computers (at home and work). I heard the name Logged Off and really like it. Do you know of any other computer/network/Internet names that are similar and really good?


Editor said...

My favorite, which I saw on a boat on a trailer on the highway about 10 years ago:

Dot Calm


Wet & Wired

Knot @ Work (or anything with the "at" sign indicates you like computers)

Anonymous said...

Theres no place like

Editor said...

That's a good one, but hard to say over the radio in an emergency!

Computer Help said...

Good...thanks for sharing this informative post with us

Anonymous said...

sea *.* (*.* means everything)
I Sea *.*
Starting Over
Open *.* to Sea

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