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Johnny Red

Just received this request for boat name assistance. I think the boat owner may be a minor, so my first idea for a boat boat name of Johnnie Walker Red may be inappropriate, as well as a little long for a Sunfish. Here's his request:

I live in Florida, right off the Gulf of Mexico and I've wanted a Sunfish for years now. My dad, an avid boater since he was young (14-ish maybe), finally caved in a bought me one. His boats have always been named Johnny Blues and I wanted to incorporate that into my sailboat's name, but my boat is red. I was hoping someone could give me some idea I know it would make my dad very proud.


Name My Johnboat

Boat name request message:

I love to set trotlines in lake livingston TX, I own a johnboat and am looking for a good name for it

Editor's note: Learn what trotlines are here. They are a pretty cool way to fish.

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Firemen Again

Two firefighter requests in one week. Wow, those guys like to boat. I guess after being around fire all the time makes you appreciate being surrounded by water more than most.

Anyway, just got this boat name request:

My husband is a FireFighter and I am a pharmaceutical Sales Rep. We have 2 girls and we all fish. Any suggestions?????

At the Firehouse, Whoo Hoo

Just got the following message and it made me think of that Kiss song where they kept saying "Fire House". I think it was called Fire House.

Anyway, here's the message I got. Comment below if you can help:


Editor's note. For your viewing and listening pleasure, here is Kiss performing Firehouse.


Somebody sent in the following message:

I need a name for a boat to be used as a passenger water taxi to avoid the congestion on the highways

Boat Names Similar to Serenity Now

We purchased our first boat, a blue 21' 2002 Regal, about a year ago and have had difficulties finding the perfect name. We live in Iowa and have a place at Okoboji that we go to almost every weekend. We have two kids, Seth and Sydney. I am a banker and my wife is a teacher. Serenity Now, from Seinfeld, has been one that we have debated, but are still looking for other options. We are in our mid-30s and are just enjoying life with our kids and friends. Our time at the lake and on the boat has become something that we can't wait for the weekend to come so we can head that way again. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Muddy Waters


We use the boat, a 1977 Viking, on the muddy Missouri River. We have called it the party barge, or the Rum Runner because of we love Captain Morgan rum. something with Captain in the name?

Home from Iraq Boat Names

Dozer just sent the following message and needs help naming his boat. Pay attention and make some boat name suggestions below:

My boat came to me via my father. I broke my back in IRAQ and am now medically retired. I'm going thru a divorce and all I truly care about are my kids. I thought about some version of Freedom. My girlfriend says the "SS Liberte'" What does SS stand for anyway?

Dozer, Wikipedia tells me that SS stands for Steamship when naming a civilian ship.
USS of course stands for United States Ship in the Navy

Suggestions for boat names should show up as comments below...

Computer Boat Names

Okay, I'm finally caught up and posting requests for boat names that probably haven't been named yet! This one just came in last week, and I think we can help them out! Post your boat name suggestions as comments below.

My husband and I just bought our first boat. We are both really into computers (at home and work). I heard the name Logged Off and really like it. Do you know of any other computer/network/Internet names that are similar and really good?

Water Water Everywhere

Just got this message from somebody on a world quest for boat names. I think it may be a Haiku. Boat name suggestions appear as comments below (add yours there) -

23' SeaRay Select.

I am in the water business.

Water meters and Automated meter reading.

Travel the world.

Wife four kids.

Love the water.

Deuce Bigelow

We received the following boat name request a couple of weeks ago:

i have a harley davidson deuce and i also have a black cadillac escalade with a lic. plate "deuce"and i would like to include "deuce" in the name. do you have a creative ideas?

Boat Names for Mr. James

kevin james (isn't he a famous comedian?) wrote the following brief message to us: I live in alaska, I like dirty funny fishing names.

If Mr Burns had a Boat

Rachel Burns sent in the following message:

My husband and I just purchased our first boat, a Four Winns V258, in blue. We have two daughters, Sophia and Madeline who are both under 2y/o (Yeah, i know!). I'm just a stay-at-home mom. My husband is an architect and loves to collect timepieces. I've come up with a couple of ideas, none of which seem to stick with us. I was trying to incorporate our last name by calling it 'Sun Burns' or 'Money Burns' (I don't want to sound pompous, but you know men, they are always looking for their next toy!). Any ideas???

4 out of 4 stars

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