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Boat Names for a Finance Guy

I received the following message a few weeks ago, and if the poor bloke has not yet chosen a boat name, perhaps you can help him out. Please add your boat name suggestions as comments below.

Here's the message I received:
Well, on to boat #2 and I need a name. The current boat, a Baja powerboat, named High bid, it was an auction boat. I've participated in lots of poker runs and have had tons of fun w/it. Creative financing w/rental property allowed me to purch it w/no out of pocket money. I'm in finance, addicted to boats, water, fishing and like J.Buffett. The "new to me" boat #2 is a 35' Express Sportfisher which needs a name for Coast Guard documentation. Yep, same creative financing structure. I've come up w/a couple of ideas but would like some help.....
Ok, this one could be fun. I guess "High Bid 2" is not an option since this 2nd boat was not bought on auction. The email also mentioned that he likes to fish.

How about something to do with "finance" or "financing"
Reel Deal
Funny Money
Cash In
Buy Miami (Jimmy Buffett: "Made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast"


Editor said...

Here's a topical one with a boating theme:


Anonymous said...

Off Wall Street

Stocks and Blondes

Mutual Fun

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