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No boat names here

Got this message a couple weeks ago and didn't have any ideas for boat names.

Still don't, but I did find a picture of what this boat probably looks like.

Boat name request:
I have 3 kids, like water stops, beers with friends, poker runs, want something flashy to put on side of the boat its a 30' concept with some graphics already on it


(Photo courtesy Klaus Gaeth/ via

Have you ever heard of the saying "Keep It Simple, Stupid" or "Keep it Short and Simple", or just plain "KISS" for short?

The phrase and acronym are typically used in reference to a design principal, which, according to Wikipedia, "states that design simplicity should be a key goal and unnecessary complexity avoided."

Well, the Wall Street Journal reported last week on a boat whose name certainly adheres to the KISS principal.

According to the WSJ, "The boat's only identifying marker was a single letter emblazoned on the stern: "A."

The article states that the boat's formal name is "Motor Yacht A", named for the first initial of its owner.

Personally, I love the idea of a single letter for a boat name. It's clean, easy to remember, and to the point. It has an air of elegance (besides the fact that it is emblazoned on a 500 foot yacht), like a monogrammed towel.

The only problem is that if the convention catches on in the recreational boating and yachting community, there will be more boats named "A", "J" and "M" than there are boats named "AquaHolic" and "Second Wind".

Your thoughts?

Florida Vacation

I just got a message from a kid in Georgia. He and his family need a boat name, so I'm posting their message here. Maybe you can think of one and post your suggestions for boat names as comments below.

Here's his message:
we have had 2 other boats that werent quite big enough. this one is a 20 foot cobia center console. its a boat for the family. -me mom and dad.- we like jimmy buffet. we only use it on vacation because wi live in GA and travel to Panama city beach.
I love how kids today don't capitalize anything these days. I guess I'm old. I mean, it's not like I capitalize my key words when I'm searching for something in Google; I just feel emails should be written with a little more effort than an instant message. It's not like I'm asking you to lick a stamp or anything!

Anyway, I can't stop thinking about how far these folks have to lug their boat everytime they want to fish. Last I heard all the lakes in Georgia had dried up, and who wants to boat in fresh water anyway?

So, for boat names, how about:

Long Haul

Road Trip

Panama Bound

3 Days on the Road (buffett reference)

Speed Envy

Got the following message from a woman who needs suggestions for boat names. I'm not sure why it kind of made me giggle. Probably the part about the family liking speed but the boat is slow. This boater also told me they like to socialize on their boat, and included a photo. Anywho, here's the message:
My kid likes to ride a pwc and jump our boat's wake; the boat is really slow and we like speed but it has a lot of room for living and sleeping.
How about:

Speed Chaser

Wave Jumper

Speed Dreamer

Make peace with your boat name

Just got the following message from somebody trying to name their boat:

We just purchased a new boat. We'd like to include the word "Peace" in some way. We are a family of 4: me, my husband Jesse, daughter Rachel and son Jackson. Plus we have have a puppy named Brody. We use the boat every weekend.

This nice-sounding (from reading her email) boater also mentioned that her family likes to fish, water ski and socialize with other boaters on their boat.

How about:

Peace Out

Reel Peace

Peace Train

Peace Full

Peace of the Ocean

War n Peace

Boat Names for a Finance Guy

I received the following message a few weeks ago, and if the poor bloke has not yet chosen a boat name, perhaps you can help him out. Please add your boat name suggestions as comments below.

Here's the message I received:
Well, on to boat #2 and I need a name. The current boat, a Baja powerboat, named High bid, it was an auction boat. I've participated in lots of poker runs and have had tons of fun w/it. Creative financing w/rental property allowed me to purch it w/no out of pocket money. I'm in finance, addicted to boats, water, fishing and like J.Buffett. The "new to me" boat #2 is a 35' Express Sportfisher which needs a name for Coast Guard documentation. Yep, same creative financing structure. I've come up w/a couple of ideas but would like some help.....
Ok, this one could be fun. I guess "High Bid 2" is not an option since this 2nd boat was not bought on auction. The email also mentioned that he likes to fish.

How about something to do with "finance" or "financing"
Reel Deal
Funny Money
Cash In
Buy Miami (Jimmy Buffett: "Made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast"

Scotch Whisky

Got any ideas for boat names for this gentleman? Here's his message:
My mother passed last year and we used some of the proceeds to purchase a boat. I would like to tie her name to it. Her Name is Ruth. she was scottish. I am a seafood buyer for a large grocery chain. My daughters name is Olivia.
How about Ruth Lives, as your mother lives on in your memories as you enjoy your boat - and you also tie your daughter's name into it.

Red White and Blue

A woman just sent me a short but powerful email. Please read and click 'comments' below to add your boat name suggestions:

My Son just got back from serving in Iraq with the Army National Guard.

He bought a motor boat.

Jeremy would like to name it something "patriotic".

Any ideas????
How about these:

Defender, Stars and Stripers, Liberty

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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