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Wood Boat Names

Boat Name Request from a visitor to this site:

I have desperately been searching for a name for my boat. it is a hacker-craft boat. looks like the "old wood" boats. at first i wanted something italian, being italian but now i just want something that fits the feel of the boat. any suggestions?

BoatNameBlog response:

Wow - what a beautiful boat.

I just read an article about similar boats about an hour ago in Forbes, so I wanted to respond right away while it was fresh in my mind.

The terms Celebrity, Classy, Classic, and Woody come to mind. Perhaps something like:

Classy Lady
Aye Wood (as in, "I would")
Wood Do

Please add comments below with better ideas.


Anonymous said...

floating timber

dougdk said...

I'm posting again I think....

Nice Aft

Had a woody 23 yrs. ago. 30 ft Chris... thats what I named it.

Anonymous said...

this one probably named but in case anyone else needs an Italian-esq name... "Maka-U-Wet"

Anonymous said...

how about Driftwood or Splinters

Anonymous said...

Sport'n Wood

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