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In Japan They Have Boats Called Junks

I just received this message this morning from an O'DAY sailboat owner and I had some ideas for boat names right away. Please add your own suggestions for boat names below by clicking on 'comments'.

message from boat owner:
I found my boat in a salvage junkyard. I have fixed it up, pampered it, and now it is ready to hit the waters, but it needs a "special name."

My family of three kids-tweens and wife are into watersports, but not sure how this newest toy fits into our lives.

I tried to think of names that emphasize how I received this freebie O'Day sailboat, such as: abandonment, lost cause, rejected, or Jane Doe, but they just don't seem to fit or have a "catchy" feel to it.

I am a carpenter who looks forward to putting this O'Day in the waters with a "special name." Help!! I thought about Sweet Vicki after my wife, but she just doesn't feel it is right...Send your ideas my way.


My response:

I like your ideas, but it sounds like you should look at them from the other side of the coin. The positive side. Then the ideas may sound more appealing to you and your family.

For example, instead of "Lost Cause", perhaps a name with the word "Found" would be more appropriate, e.g.,

"Lucky Find" or "Lucky Catch"

Aye Found It

Salvaged Beauty

Good luck, and don't forget to visit for vinyl boat lettering and to put your boat name on shirt, hats, towels or a welcome mat.


Anonymous said...

wood a find, sails up (like a penny that is found heads up lucky)

Anonymous said...

Lost and Found (focus on the positive - you Found it!)

The Free Way (because life is a highway)

Knot Wood (But you still were able to fix it up!)

Anonymous said...


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