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Calgary Boat Names

Still catching up, lots of good requests for boat names in my inbox. I didn't forget about you *(unless you sent your boat name request to me more than 2 weeks ago, in which case I may have assumed you already found the perfect boat name. If so, please let me know - and, sorry!)

Anyway, here's the message:
We are in the process of purchasing a sailing catamaran. We are currently looking at a 37' Lagoon and a 39' Privilege. Our plans are to move aboard and sail this boat around the world. We are from Calgary Alberta Canada and this boat will be our home and transportation for the next couple of years as we explore the world.

Wow, sounds like fun! How about:

Homeward Unbound


Plan-It (reference to your travel, as well as how organized you are)


The Cowtown Cat (everyone will know where you're from, even if you don't add your hailing port)




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As a Calgarian you should consider naming your boat CHINOOK

Anonymous said...

Cata-moron, Cata-Canuk, Northern Lights, Home Soon, The Way, Stampede Sailer,

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