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Lost Shaker of Salt

Okay, I'm on boat name request emails that are under two weeks old now. This one should be fun. A woman named angelro just sent me the following boat name request message:
we bought a 1980 Trojan F26 Fly Bridge, My husband is in the wine/margarita business and we were looking for a fun name that might incorporate margarita's. We welcome any ideas!

I'm back now; I had to go make myself a frozen margarita to get in the mood for this one. Ok, here we go. By the way, what a cool-sounding job (in the wine and margarita biz!) Anyway, how about these boat names:

Blender Bender


Need A Margarita


Not sure if you're a Jimmy Buffett fan, but there's always the old standby:


Lost Shaker of Salt

Boat Names - Finally

Received the following message a couple of weeks ago from some nice folks who plan to boat on Lake Michigan:
we have been looking for a boat now for 10 years and finally found it! we have also been dating each other for 20+ years. Other than the obvious "FINALLY" any other ideas? It is a 1988 Chris Craft Amerosport sailing on lake michigan out of saugatuck. Here's a picture:
Well, I guess you can also name my response "Finally"! If you haven't thought of a boat name yet, how about:

10 / 20 Vision (or 20/20 if you count how old the boat is!)

Long Haul

The Tortoise

Tread Carefully

Got any better ideas for boat names? Add comments below:

Calgary Boat Names

Still catching up, lots of good requests for boat names in my inbox. I didn't forget about you *(unless you sent your boat name request to me more than 2 weeks ago, in which case I may have assumed you already found the perfect boat name. If so, please let me know - and, sorry!)

Anyway, here's the message:
We are in the process of purchasing a sailing catamaran. We are currently looking at a 37' Lagoon and a 39' Privilege. Our plans are to move aboard and sail this boat around the world. We are from Calgary Alberta Canada and this boat will be our home and transportation for the next couple of years as we explore the world.

Wow, sounds like fun! How about:

Homeward Unbound


Plan-It (reference to your travel, as well as how organized you are)


The Cowtown Cat (everyone will know where you're from, even if you don't add your hailing port)



My 3 Sons

Received this message a while back from a family looking for boat names. If you've got any ideas, please add comments below.

Hi, we have been happily married for the last 23 years, have 3 sons, 2 in college and 1 in high school. We live in the desert i.e. Albuquerque Nm., my wife is a stay at home mom and we have a small car lot. I race late model stock cars on the weekends and my wife loves to go rving camping and reads a lot.
How about:
My Three Sons (then you can name your second boat "My 3 Sons 2")
Sand Cruiser
Sand Locked

The Protector

It may sound like an Arnold movie or the $7.99 option at the car wash I usually go to. But if you aren't thinking about those things, The Protector is a pretty cool name for a fire boat.

What makes it even cooler is that it was thought of by a couple of elementary school kids in Victoria, Canada. Better yet, the winning boat name pickers got to go for a ride on the boat, and help christen her with a bottle of apple juice!

Full story in the Times Colonist.

In Japan They Have Boats Called Junks

I just received this message this morning from an O'DAY sailboat owner and I had some ideas for boat names right away. Please add your own suggestions for boat names below by clicking on 'comments'.

message from boat owner:
I found my boat in a salvage junkyard. I have fixed it up, pampered it, and now it is ready to hit the waters, but it needs a "special name."

My family of three kids-tweens and wife are into watersports, but not sure how this newest toy fits into our lives.

I tried to think of names that emphasize how I received this freebie O'Day sailboat, such as: abandonment, lost cause, rejected, or Jane Doe, but they just don't seem to fit or have a "catchy" feel to it.

I am a carpenter who looks forward to putting this O'Day in the waters with a "special name." Help!! I thought about Sweet Vicki after my wife, but she just doesn't feel it is right...Send your ideas my way.


My response:

I like your ideas, but it sounds like you should look at them from the other side of the coin. The positive side. Then the ideas may sound more appealing to you and your family.

For example, instead of "Lost Cause", perhaps a name with the word "Found" would be more appropriate, e.g.,

"Lucky Find" or "Lucky Catch"

Aye Found It

Salvaged Beauty

Good luck, and don't forget to visit for vinyl boat lettering and to put your boat name on shirt, hats, towels or a welcome mat.

Cuddy Sark

About two weeks ago, I got the following message from new (to him) boat owner Derek Wisniewski

1988 21' Cuddy Four Winns. New to me. My first boat. Runs good which is more than can be said for the skipper. Blue, gray and white in color. Nice condition.
Please post boat names as comments below.

Greased Lightening

I have missed the last few emails from folks requesting boat name help, so if you are one of them and reading this, I apologize. I'm trying to catch up now and hope I didn't leave you hanging too long.

Here's one message from a couple weeks ago:

We just bought a 1995 bayliner cruiser 2855. When we picked it up we got caught in a lightning storm. It is our first boat and thought of something to do with lightning or storms or something of that sort. help.
Well, congrats on the new boat and for not getting electrocuted the first day you owned her!

How about Greased Lightning,




Lucky Strike

Franklin's Folly

Boat Names Made Easy

That's the cheezy-but-true title of the presentation that I'm giving today at West Marine.

I'm going to show people in person how easy it is to order boat lettering online, and how easy it is to install the lettering.

If you're not doing anything at 10 am, or an hour before or after, please stop in and say hello.

It's the West Marine at 1654 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Right next to the Cuckoos Nest, which, by the way, is where I'll be after my presentation.

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Just got the following message from somebody looking for boat names:

This is for a family cruising boat in Central California. We are in the car business and the health business. Our previous boat was named after our Nordic heritage...VALHALLA

Wood Boat Names

Boat Name Request from a visitor to this site:

I have desperately been searching for a name for my boat. it is a hacker-craft boat. looks like the "old wood" boats. at first i wanted something italian, being italian but now i just want something that fits the feel of the boat. any suggestions?

BoatNameBlog response:

Wow - what a beautiful boat.

I just read an article about similar boats about an hour ago in Forbes, so I wanted to respond right away while it was fresh in my mind.

The terms Celebrity, Classy, Classic, and Woody come to mind. Perhaps something like:

Classy Lady
Aye Wood (as in, "I would")
Wood Do

Please add comments below with better ideas.


Yesterday, a nice guy named Brett wrote to me looking for ideas for boat names. He's a powerboater, a fisherman, and a golfer. Here's his message:

message: I like to golf (so does my wife). This is our first boat together (I had one previously). We're newly married - just over a year ago. We were thinking about something golf related. If we like you're idea, we'll DEFINITELY buy the lettering from you guys! Thanks for the help!
All I could come up with are these boat names, so I am hoping you (other visitors to the boat name blog) will add comments:

Knot Golfing
Fore Us
In the Rough
On the Beach
Sand Trap
Just Married (with paintings of streamers and cans dangling off the back)

By the way, Brett was talking about buying lettering from us at:

He of course is also welcome to buy shirts, welcome mats and hats with his new boat name at:

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

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