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They need to name boats down under too

This message speaks for itself, and it's good to see the Boat Name Blog is read on the other side of the world. Don't forget, when helping these folks, the boat will be in Australia... so don't suggest any American cliché-type names like Crocodile Dundee or Shrimp on the Barbee.

Hi we live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and have just purchased a bowrider. We're a family of 2 adults and 2 girls 10 & 8yrs. Dad can ski, but none of us can and are looking forward to learning. Dad's a Civil Engineer and I'm a Stay @ Home Mum. We enjoy the beach, snow-skiing (go figure!!) not really into fishing but again looking forward to trying now. Girls love music and dancing. Mum and Dad tone deaf! Nobody much in Oz name their boats any more but would love to name ours something clever or funny. Can you help, what can your readers come up with??? Many thanks, oh and love your blog.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy Life

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