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Hockey Puck Part Deux

Hockey season is soooo long, it seems like as soon as somebody wins the cup, they're starting the season again. I guess that's why hockey and boating are so compatible in colder states like Minnesota and Maine. The boating season is as short as the hockey season is long.

Don't blink, you'll miss your chance to boat without wearing a wool cap and coat.

Anyway, I just got this message from a hockey guy who is trying to name his boat. He owns a powerboat, and likes to socialize with other boaters. Maybe you can come up with some better boat names than I did. If so, please click 'comments' below.

I love to play hockey and watch hockey and so do all of my friends
Tight Lines
2 for boating
Power Play
penalty boat

Previously recommended to another hockey fan, this one with two boats:
Luxury Box
Slap Shot


Anonymous said...

how about sharp shooter, one timer

Editor said...

Thought of another one:
Boat Drinks (20 degrees and the hockey games on)

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