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An anonymous boater wrote to us last week asking for help coming up with a name for his sailboat.

He services boats for a living and lives on his boat at the marina where he works, so he's probably seen a lot of boat names.

He told us that he likes to dance at clubs, drink rum, he's single, and he likes to invent new things.

When he's not working (or maybe even when he is), he likes to socialize with other boaters.

My initial thoughts for his sailboat name are:

Bacardi Breeze (unless he favors Captain Morgan or another brand)
Party Barge (I think the word Barge would look sarcastically funny, in a good way, on a sailboat)

Knot Knot Working (a variation of the very popular, "Knot Working". Double negative because Scott probably IS working if he's near his boat)

Please comment below to add more boat name suggestions!

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