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Oh Grady

Just received a distress call from a new boat owner, who wrote:

I just got a 33 foot Grady White for fishing off of the Delaware coast.

We're very Irish and love to fish and the family and I can't agree on a name.

Please help!!
This has probably been done a million times, but what about an Irish twist on the boat manufacturer, Grady White, such as:


One of favorite Irish boat names that came up in the boat names generator is:
Irish Ayes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how about "illustrious" or "Dalcassian" see below as to origin of o'grady name

Cormac Cas was King of Thomond around the fifth century and he spawned a tribal grouping known as the Dál gCais or Dalcassians which dominated Munster until the final suppression of the old Gaelic order in the seventeenth century. Twenty-three generations later and in direct descent from Cas we find Gradhach (also called Bradach), meaning "illustrious", from whom the name O'Grádhaigh (descendant of Gradach) is derived. This Irish name would later be anglicised as O'Grady.

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