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Oh Grady

Just received a distress call from a new boat owner, who wrote:

I just got a 33 foot Grady White for fishing off of the Delaware coast.

We're very Irish and love to fish and the family and I can't agree on a name.

Please help!!
This has probably been done a million times, but what about an Irish twist on the boat manufacturer, Grady White, such as:


One of favorite Irish boat names that came up in the boat names generator is:
Irish Ayes


Somebody named Quinn wrote us last week looking for help with a family oriented boat name. Not sure if Quinn is a first or last name, but it's a good name either way.

They are in both the lumberyard business and the auto business (interesting combo!), they like to water ski and socialize on their powerboat.

Any ideas for a name for Quinn's boat?

How about a play on the name Quinn - Quinntessential

Trees and cars... Chop Shop, Paul Bunyan, Flannel

Party Large

An anonymous boater wrote to us last week asking for help coming up with a name for his sailboat.

He services boats for a living and lives on his boat at the marina where he works, so he's probably seen a lot of boat names.

He told us that he likes to dance at clubs, drink rum, he's single, and he likes to invent new things.

When he's not working (or maybe even when he is), he likes to socialize with other boaters.

My initial thoughts for his sailboat name are:

Bacardi Breeze (unless he favors Captain Morgan or another brand)
Party Barge (I think the word Barge would look sarcastically funny, in a good way, on a sailboat)

Knot Knot Working (a variation of the very popular, "Knot Working". Double negative because Scott probably IS working if he's near his boat)

Please comment below to add more boat name suggestions!

The Great Loop

I'm embarrassed that I never heard of the great loop before today. A quick google search gave me this definition from wikipedia:

The circumnavigation of Eastern North America by water is known as the Great Loop. Also known as the Great Circle, the trip varies from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles depending on the options used.

I finally needed to learn about the great loop when I read that the Pederson family was in the middle of doing the loop right now, and they are blogging about it. The Pedersons happened to mention a few funny boat names on their blog about their adventure.

What boat names did they mention you ask?

Bad Buoy
Miss Elaine e-us

Check out their boat name post and the rest of their blog here.

Just Beachy

I found a cute blog today by a midwestern girl (currently living in New Orleans, but dreaming of someday living in Florida and cruising in the Caribbean).

Today she shared her list of boat names for when her and her beau buy a boat. Of her choices, these are my favorite three:

Just Beachy (it's also the name of her blog)

Hip Nautic (it sounds chic, especially if you put the accent on "tic" like the ski boats)

Seagar (how cigars are spelled when you are on a boat)

Boat names I bumped into today

The random boat name that appeared on the CustomBoatNames boat name generator: American FantaSea

According to luxist, the name of the 269-foot yacht which once belonged to Saddam Hussein: The Ocean Breeze

According to Yachting Magazine (sorry no link, I read the print magazine), the name of Billy Joel's most recent yacht: Vendetta

Your Reel Boat Names

I've compiled a list of your real - or should I say reel - boat names that visitors have told me about over the past few years.

Here are just a few of them - let me know if you see yours! I'll post more soon.

Reel Love
Reel-T 2
Reely Nauti
For Reelin'
2 Peachy
3 Lil Ladys
A Clever Name
Ajay's Girl
Amazing Grace
Angie Gwinn
Attitude Adjuster

Messy Boat Name

According to one of her latest posts, Amy - blogger and star of The World Through Amy's Eyes - is leaning towards the boat name What-a-Mess for the boat she is planning to buy and live aboard.

I like the name, except I'm not sure if in Britain the word "mess" is synonymous with "kitchen" as it is here in the States. I would hate to see its owners having to explain over and over that their boat's mess isn't as great as their boat name indicates.

Personally, I like one of her earlier favorites (or should I say favourites) - Fade to Scarlet. Not for it's personal meaning, but for the name's imagery of color. It reminds me of the old saying:
Red sky at night, sailors delight.
Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.

Super Size My Boat Name

I think I found my favorite boat name of the month already, and it's only April 4th. And, I didn't even get this one from my own custom boat name generator or the original boat name machine at!

I got this boat name idea from a blog that I stumbled across today called EVK4 SuperBlog. (Even the blog's name is cool!)

The boat name?

Drum roll, please....

The boat name is....


Check it out, along with interesting editorial on what the owner might have been thinking about and other boat naming ideas, at the EVK4 SuperBlog.

If you ask me, the boat actually looks more like a Whopper!

Tim from Tampa

Tim writes to the Boat Name Blog:

pathfinder boats
I am getting a pathfinder 22' bay boat.

My last boat I named bar hoppin.

Lookin for something unique and different.

Please help!

Tim also told us he likes to fish and socialize with other boaters, but it sounds like he's trying to get away from a boozing boat name, so Aqua-Holic is out of the question. We also know Tim probably boats in Florida, as his email address contained the word "Tampa".

Reel Time
On the Hook
Tackle Bay
Bay Bender

These suck - please comment with something better!

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

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