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The Otter and other Boat Names

Tiffany Ott just sent us a message looking for ideas for boat names.

Her message in its entirety:
My husband and i just purchased our first boat. It is a 21 foot party barge pontoon. We live in Wisconsin and are putting it in the Mississippi River. Our last name is Ott, so my husband wants to name it the "Otter". But I heard it was bad luck to name it beginning with the letter "o". I wanted to name it "spoiled brat" because my husband has been wanting this boat for awhile. Any suggestions?

Well, I've not heard much about the the "O" thing with boat names and found a few examples of popular boat names starting with the letter "O" -

Off The Hook
Out of Control

HOWEVER, if you want to stay away from a leading 'O', my recommendation would be to simply place another word in front of "otter", as in:
The Otter
or, one of my favorites:
Sea Otter

Alternatively, try these on for size:

Ott'a Control (as in "Out of Control")
Ott'a Here (same concept)
Breakfast at...

Also, not sure where to go with this, but you are from Wisconsin, which everyone knows the Badger State. You may or may not know that badgers are from the same family as otters - Mustelidae or Mustelids. According to Wikipedia, mustelidae are commonly referred to as the "weasel family". You probably don't want to put 'Weasel' in your boat name, but what about a tribute to both your home state and your last name and call the boat, "All in the Family".

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