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Knot 2 Fancy

I received this request for boat name help a couple of weeks ago, but you guys have been keeping me pretty busy with these. If I haven't gotten to yours, I promise to try over the next few days.

Brian wrote:
It's our first boat - nothing fancy - 19ft ski boat. We are a family of 4. We are not a fancy bunch. Just planning to have weekend fun this summer, fishing, skiing, and tubing. Looking for a fun name for our boat. Thanks for the help.
My first thoughts for Brian is that he and his family isn't fancy, since he said it twice. How about:

The boat lettering design above was created at Custom Boat Names in a tomato red Katarina Regular font, with both a border and a drop shadow in cobalt blue. At 3" tall by about 17" wide, this lettering would cost under $45.

To design your own vinyl boat lettering, visit

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