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Bite This and other fishing boat names

Just spotted these boat names on a fishing forum:

Bite Me and Offensive Tackle

I've seen Bite Me before, and hear it quite often. But Offensive Tackle is new to me. Great name if you're both a fisherman and a football fan (which is probably a pretty high percentage of the male population of boaters who fish).

Other variations that these names made me think of are Bite This, Defensive Tackle (for fishermen who don't catch much), and even Right or Left Tackle.

Of course, even Tackled works for those who once carried the ball and also like to fish.

Thanks to BiteMeFiji on Bloody Decks - the fishing forum for hardcore anglers. (BLoody Decks - another great name for you fishers)


Anonymous said...

Offensive tackle is new to me as well. That's an interesting one! I just got a new Sevylor but haven't named her yet.

Editor said...

Congrats on the new boat. I had a sevylor when I was a kid - tons of fun.

BTW, how do you put a boat name on an inflatable?

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