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Upgrade from Aqua Therapy

I received the following message a couple of days ago. Please post a comment below to add your boat name ideas.

Our last name is Kamphuis (pronounced campus). Our occupations are a nurse and service manager at a Ford dealership. Just purchased a 26.5 foot boat; our old boat is named Aqua Therapy. We enjoy boating and spend all our free time on the water.

Here are my suggestions:

Aqua Therapy II (too obvious, or maybe the name came with the boat?)

Old Skool (pronounced "school")

Off Campus - or - Campus Life (Are there any other, better catch phrases with the word "Campus"?)

Tooling Around (service manager reference)

Care-Free (you both care for people or cars - your time on your boat gives you a break from that)

Any better ideas? Please comment...


Anonymous said...

You could name it after my other boat..
"Don't Wake Me"
From the "SeaBelow" in Port Orange, Fl.

Perry Degener said...

You could name it Hi, Yawl. Double pun.

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