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Upgrade from Aqua Therapy

I received the following message a couple of days ago. Please post a comment below to add your boat name ideas.

Our last name is Kamphuis (pronounced campus). Our occupations are a nurse and service manager at a Ford dealership. Just purchased a 26.5 foot boat; our old boat is named Aqua Therapy. We enjoy boating and spend all our free time on the water.

Here are my suggestions:

Aqua Therapy II (too obvious, or maybe the name came with the boat?)

Old Skool (pronounced "school")

Off Campus - or - Campus Life (Are there any other, better catch phrases with the word "Campus"?)

Tooling Around (service manager reference)

Care-Free (you both care for people or cars - your time on your boat gives you a break from that)

Any better ideas? Please comment...

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