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We received the following SOS call from John two days ago. Don't let John's new big boat suffer the same name-less fate as his first boat. Please comment below with boat name ideas for John!

Boat to name is a 32' sea ray express cruiser (1990, but new to us). It is white with maroon graphics. It is our second boat, our first boat, which we still have, is a 17' Bayliner that was never named. We have owned it since new in 1988. We ski on little boat. On big boat, which is what we usually call it, we can entertain other couples, which we never could do on the little boat. Family is me, John, wife Lori and kids Jack 15 and Natalie 13. We are avid hockey fans/players. Looking for something funny/catchy. Career wise i am a PhD engineer.

Need all the help you can come up with as we are stumped, and the more we think about it the harder it gets.

How about Big Boat and Little Boat, since you're already calling them that.

Luxury Box for the Sea Ray, Slap Shot for the Bayliner.

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Anonymous said...

don rickles

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