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Boat Names in the Movies

Got an email last week that I couldn't respond to, as the messenger did not put their email address in our site's online form.

Oh well, maybe he'll read this:

The message was from someone named Charles, and simply read, "fishing boat i like to have REEL in it or my nick name is FLICK something".

Well. That's it. My first guess is to offer a boat name that references the movies, since REEL and FLICK are both words that evoke film. Of course, Flick is probably thinking about fishing when he suggested REEL, but who knows?

I suggest the following to flick:

Reel Life (If you're fishing, you're experiencing real life instead of watching movies)

Reel World (same thing)

Fish Flick (just like a chick flick, but for fish)

Speaking of boat names and movies, got any good movie boat name trivia? I'm looking for additional content for my famous boat names page on (post comments below).

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