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Hockey Puck

We received the following SOS call from John two days ago. Don't let John's new big boat suffer the same name-less fate as his first boat. Please comment below with boat name ideas for John!

Boat to name is a 32' sea ray express cruiser (1990, but new to us). It is white with maroon graphics. It is our second boat, our first boat, which we still have, is a 17' Bayliner that was never named. We have owned it since new in 1988. We ski on little boat. On big boat, which is what we usually call it, we can entertain other couples, which we never could do on the little boat. Family is me, John, wife Lori and kids Jack 15 and Natalie 13. We are avid hockey fans/players. Looking for something funny/catchy. Career wise i am a PhD engineer.

Need all the help you can come up with as we are stumped, and the more we think about it the harder it gets.

How about Big Boat and Little Boat, since you're already calling them that.

Luxury Box for the Sea Ray, Slap Shot for the Bayliner.

Gina's Houseboat Needs a Name

Gina Davis sent us a message yesterday. It wasn't the actress, because she spells her name Geena. Anyhow, here's Gina's message:

"Me and my husband bought a 52' houseboat that needs work after the back half sank; it's almost paid for so when we get it back on the lake it will be free and clear. We need help, but nothing dirty or suggestive, we have 3 girls. thanks!!"

How about "Free and Clear", "Liquid Asset" or just plain "Freedom" to celebrate the boat being nearly paid for.

Or, you can reference the sinking incident and name her "better half" (but make sure you put the vinyl lettering on the front of the boat).

Any better suggestions? Please comment below...

Boat Names in the Movies

Got an email last week that I couldn't respond to, as the messenger did not put their email address in our site's online form.

Oh well, maybe he'll read this:

The message was from someone named Charles, and simply read, "fishing boat i like to have REEL in it or my nick name is FLICK something".

Well. That's it. My first guess is to offer a boat name that references the movies, since REEL and FLICK are both words that evoke film. Of course, Flick is probably thinking about fishing when he suggested REEL, but who knows?

I suggest the following to flick:

Reel Life (If you're fishing, you're experiencing real life instead of watching movies)

Reel World (same thing)

Fish Flick (just like a chick flick, but for fish)

Speaking of boat names and movies, got any good movie boat name trivia? I'm looking for additional content for my famous boat names page on (post comments below).

Upgrade from Aqua Therapy

I received the following message a couple of days ago. Please post a comment below to add your boat name ideas.

Our last name is Kamphuis (pronounced campus). Our occupations are a nurse and service manager at a Ford dealership. Just purchased a 26.5 foot boat; our old boat is named Aqua Therapy. We enjoy boating and spend all our free time on the water.

Here are my suggestions:

Aqua Therapy II (too obvious, or maybe the name came with the boat?)

Old Skool (pronounced "school")

Off Campus - or - Campus Life (Are there any other, better catch phrases with the word "Campus"?)

Tooling Around (service manager reference)

Care-Free (you both care for people or cars - your time on your boat gives you a break from that)

Any better ideas? Please comment...

Most Popular Boat Names from 2007

It's that time of year again. BoatUS, which is well known for its marine equipment stores (in cahoots with West Marine), as well as AAA-like memberships and regular boat insurance, just came out with their list of top boat names in the United States for 2007.

It's interesting to see the influence of a Disney movie rise above old standards like Liberty (which has been especially popular every year since 9/11), Second Wind (popular with sailors and people my age and older), Aquaholic (read: pull me over and give me a breathalizer test), and Carpe Diem.

Here is the full list of top boat names from 2007:

Black Pearl
Second Wind
Amazing Grace
Knot On-Call
Second Chance
The Dog House
Carpe Diem or Seas the Day

For the previous years boat names, visit FirstBoat's comprehensive boat name site.

If you want to see what any of these popular boat names would look like on the back of your boat, visit now to preview any boat name in different fonts and colors.

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