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Aye Love NY

regal boatBrian just sent in the following message. Can you help Brian name his new boat?

I just purchased our second boat, a 27' regal 2700 open bow. We enjoy our days on the water with family and friends. Our first boat was a 21' that was two years old and too small. We're from Upstate NY. The boat is red.

regal boatNot a bad background, and a nice boat as viewed from these photos I found on the official Regal website.

Now that I'm sufficiently distracted, let's get down to the business of boat names.

Let's review. What do we know about Brian and his boat? Here's what comes to my mind:

Red, Upstate NY means fresh water boating, 2nd Boat, family and friends.

With that and a sip of Jack Daniels, here I go with my boat name suggestion-predictions. Feel free to weigh in with your own suggestions by clicking 'comments' below.

First Boat II (like Rambo)
Big Apple (You are in NY and the boat is red)
Aye Love NY
Red Aye

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