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Electric Boat Names

Hi -

I have purchased an electric boat to use on Lake George in New York. The Boat is a Lear Boat 204. It has a white hull with red and blue detailing. I am looking for a clever name having something to do with batteries, charging, etc.

Some ideas so far include:
Charged Up
Direct Current
Charge It
Batteries Included
Current Choice
Current Power
Red, Watt & Blue

Many of these would be fine, but none feel just right. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Ann Marie

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Dog Whisperer

Got any good boat name ideas? The following family needs a name for their new boat:

My husband and I just bought our first boat together and need a name! His first boat was Dog Talk (he has 2 dogs) and then the next one was Kennel Klub (I had 2 dogs when we got married, they are gone now). Now we have a child, boy, about a year old. He is a real estate appraiser and I am a nurse. Help! The name doesn't have to pertain to dogs, some reference to family would be good. Thanks for any ideas!

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No More Breakin the Law

By far this is the best message this site has ever received. Can you help Joe name his boat?

I'm 16 I just got out of a lot of trouble with the law and I got my self a boat instead of a car. I love to fish, I own a production studio, and I'm starting to charter people out on my 21 Contender and I feel like i should have a name for her. A little more about me is I love to have fun, love to party, and I believe you should life to your fullest because you never know when it could end. Well i sure hope you guys can help me out. Much love. Joe

Boat Names in Tennessee

boat namesI came across this blog today and found some great boat names - like "Par Tea Time" - that the site's author snapped from her boat in Tennessee.

View big pictures of Par Tea Time and boats like it here.

By the way, if the captain of Par Tea Time is reading this blog, please contact me and I'll get you a great deal on some new vinyl boat lettering.

Boat Names on the Run

Need some boat name help...

Just got the following message, and it reminded me of Dunkin Donuts. Maybe it's because it's almost midnight and I haven't had a cup of coffee today. Anyway, here's the message:
I am looking for a name for my boat. I want it to be something with the meaning of "always on the run"

Maybe I was thinking of some other corporate slogan - Exxon/Mobil maybe?

By the way, this boat name seeker also mentioned that they like to fish and they have a powerboat, not a sailboat, so let's have some boat names...

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Ogle Over Her

Help them name their first sailboat:

First time sailboat owners. We shared ownership of the sailboat boat. Both divorced, both married for 24 years.

Dating for two years, I am a school teacher and he is a gunshop owner. Both of our last names have ogle in them. Like to ride motorcycles, fishing.

Cobblers, Shoes and Boat Names

Can you help this harbormaster come up with a boat name?

i manage a marina/harbormaster. wife is teacher.

boat is a tug. i see so many boat names working at a marina, i cant come up with my own.

we love rum, buffett, and michigan.

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Classic Boat Name

Just got the following Message:
I need help with a name for my boat we are restoring. It was never given a name. It is a 1954 Chris Craft 28' Enclosed Cruiser. Mahogany throughout and has very curvy lines. We like the word Mahogany or something Pirate related. I am up for suggestions.

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Johnny Red

Just received this request for boat name assistance. I think the boat owner may be a minor, so my first idea for a boat boat name of Johnnie Walker Red may be inappropriate, as well as a little long for a Sunfish. Here's his request:

I live in Florida, right off the Gulf of Mexico and I've wanted a Sunfish for years now. My dad, an avid boater since he was young (14-ish maybe), finally caved in a bought me one. His boats have always been named Johnny Blues and I wanted to incorporate that into my sailboat's name, but my boat is red. I was hoping someone could give me some idea I know it would make my dad very proud.


Name My Johnboat

Boat name request message:

I love to set trotlines in lake livingston TX, I own a johnboat and am looking for a good name for it

Editor's note: Learn what trotlines are here. They are a pretty cool way to fish.

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Firemen Again

Two firefighter requests in one week. Wow, those guys like to boat. I guess after being around fire all the time makes you appreciate being surrounded by water more than most.

Anyway, just got this boat name request:

My husband is a FireFighter and I am a pharmaceutical Sales Rep. We have 2 girls and we all fish. Any suggestions?????

At the Firehouse, Whoo Hoo

Just got the following message and it made me think of that Kiss song where they kept saying "Fire House". I think it was called Fire House.

Anyway, here's the message I got. Comment below if you can help:


Editor's note. For your viewing and listening pleasure, here is Kiss performing Firehouse.


Somebody sent in the following message:

I need a name for a boat to be used as a passenger water taxi to avoid the congestion on the highways

Boat Names Similar to Serenity Now

We purchased our first boat, a blue 21' 2002 Regal, about a year ago and have had difficulties finding the perfect name. We live in Iowa and have a place at Okoboji that we go to almost every weekend. We have two kids, Seth and Sydney. I am a banker and my wife is a teacher. Serenity Now, from Seinfeld, has been one that we have debated, but are still looking for other options. We are in our mid-30s and are just enjoying life with our kids and friends. Our time at the lake and on the boat has become something that we can't wait for the weekend to come so we can head that way again. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Muddy Waters


We use the boat, a 1977 Viking, on the muddy Missouri River. We have called it the party barge, or the Rum Runner because of we love Captain Morgan rum. something with Captain in the name?

Home from Iraq Boat Names

Dozer just sent the following message and needs help naming his boat. Pay attention and make some boat name suggestions below:

My boat came to me via my father. I broke my back in IRAQ and am now medically retired. I'm going thru a divorce and all I truly care about are my kids. I thought about some version of Freedom. My girlfriend says the "SS Liberte'" What does SS stand for anyway?

Dozer, Wikipedia tells me that SS stands for Steamship when naming a civilian ship.
USS of course stands for United States Ship in the Navy

Suggestions for boat names should show up as comments below...

Computer Boat Names

Okay, I'm finally caught up and posting requests for boat names that probably haven't been named yet! This one just came in last week, and I think we can help them out! Post your boat name suggestions as comments below.

My husband and I just bought our first boat. We are both really into computers (at home and work). I heard the name Logged Off and really like it. Do you know of any other computer/network/Internet names that are similar and really good?

Water Water Everywhere

Just got this message from somebody on a world quest for boat names. I think it may be a Haiku. Boat name suggestions appear as comments below (add yours there) -

23' SeaRay Select.

I am in the water business.

Water meters and Automated meter reading.

Travel the world.

Wife four kids.

Love the water.

Deuce Bigelow

We received the following boat name request a couple of weeks ago:

i have a harley davidson deuce and i also have a black cadillac escalade with a lic. plate "deuce"and i would like to include "deuce" in the name. do you have a creative ideas?

Boat Names for Mr. James

kevin james (isn't he a famous comedian?) wrote the following brief message to us: I live in alaska, I like dirty funny fishing names.

If Mr Burns had a Boat

Rachel Burns sent in the following message:

My husband and I just purchased our first boat, a Four Winns V258, in blue. We have two daughters, Sophia and Madeline who are both under 2y/o (Yeah, i know!). I'm just a stay-at-home mom. My husband is an architect and loves to collect timepieces. I've come up with a couple of ideas, none of which seem to stick with us. I was trying to incorporate our last name by calling it 'Sun Burns' or 'Money Burns' (I don't want to sound pompous, but you know men, they are always looking for their next toy!). Any ideas???

4 out of 4 stars

For those of you that don't know, this blog is associated with an online store that sells vinyl lettering online to boaters.

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Anyway, the last two reviews we received - like most of our reviews - and worth sharing here.

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No boat names here

Got this message a couple weeks ago and didn't have any ideas for boat names.

Still don't, but I did find a picture of what this boat probably looks like.

Boat name request:
I have 3 kids, like water stops, beers with friends, poker runs, want something flashy to put on side of the boat its a 30' concept with some graphics already on it


(Photo courtesy Klaus Gaeth/ via

Have you ever heard of the saying "Keep It Simple, Stupid" or "Keep it Short and Simple", or just plain "KISS" for short?

The phrase and acronym are typically used in reference to a design principal, which, according to Wikipedia, "states that design simplicity should be a key goal and unnecessary complexity avoided."

Well, the Wall Street Journal reported last week on a boat whose name certainly adheres to the KISS principal.

According to the WSJ, "The boat's only identifying marker was a single letter emblazoned on the stern: "A."

The article states that the boat's formal name is "Motor Yacht A", named for the first initial of its owner.

Personally, I love the idea of a single letter for a boat name. It's clean, easy to remember, and to the point. It has an air of elegance (besides the fact that it is emblazoned on a 500 foot yacht), like a monogrammed towel.

The only problem is that if the convention catches on in the recreational boating and yachting community, there will be more boats named "A", "J" and "M" than there are boats named "AquaHolic" and "Second Wind".

Your thoughts?

Florida Vacation

I just got a message from a kid in Georgia. He and his family need a boat name, so I'm posting their message here. Maybe you can think of one and post your suggestions for boat names as comments below.

Here's his message:
we have had 2 other boats that werent quite big enough. this one is a 20 foot cobia center console. its a boat for the family. -me mom and dad.- we like jimmy buffet. we only use it on vacation because wi live in GA and travel to Panama city beach.
I love how kids today don't capitalize anything these days. I guess I'm old. I mean, it's not like I capitalize my key words when I'm searching for something in Google; I just feel emails should be written with a little more effort than an instant message. It's not like I'm asking you to lick a stamp or anything!

Anyway, I can't stop thinking about how far these folks have to lug their boat everytime they want to fish. Last I heard all the lakes in Georgia had dried up, and who wants to boat in fresh water anyway?

So, for boat names, how about:

Long Haul

Road Trip

Panama Bound

3 Days on the Road (buffett reference)

Speed Envy

Got the following message from a woman who needs suggestions for boat names. I'm not sure why it kind of made me giggle. Probably the part about the family liking speed but the boat is slow. This boater also told me they like to socialize on their boat, and included a photo. Anywho, here's the message:
My kid likes to ride a pwc and jump our boat's wake; the boat is really slow and we like speed but it has a lot of room for living and sleeping.
How about:

Speed Chaser

Wave Jumper

Speed Dreamer

Make peace with your boat name

Just got the following message from somebody trying to name their boat:

We just purchased a new boat. We'd like to include the word "Peace" in some way. We are a family of 4: me, my husband Jesse, daughter Rachel and son Jackson. Plus we have have a puppy named Brody. We use the boat every weekend.

This nice-sounding (from reading her email) boater also mentioned that her family likes to fish, water ski and socialize with other boaters on their boat.

How about:

Peace Out

Reel Peace

Peace Train

Peace Full

Peace of the Ocean

War n Peace

Boat Names for a Finance Guy

I received the following message a few weeks ago, and if the poor bloke has not yet chosen a boat name, perhaps you can help him out. Please add your boat name suggestions as comments below.

Here's the message I received:
Well, on to boat #2 and I need a name. The current boat, a Baja powerboat, named High bid, it was an auction boat. I've participated in lots of poker runs and have had tons of fun w/it. Creative financing w/rental property allowed me to purch it w/no out of pocket money. I'm in finance, addicted to boats, water, fishing and like J.Buffett. The "new to me" boat #2 is a 35' Express Sportfisher which needs a name for Coast Guard documentation. Yep, same creative financing structure. I've come up w/a couple of ideas but would like some help.....
Ok, this one could be fun. I guess "High Bid 2" is not an option since this 2nd boat was not bought on auction. The email also mentioned that he likes to fish.

How about something to do with "finance" or "financing"
Reel Deal
Funny Money
Cash In
Buy Miami (Jimmy Buffett: "Made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast"

Scotch Whisky

Got any ideas for boat names for this gentleman? Here's his message:
My mother passed last year and we used some of the proceeds to purchase a boat. I would like to tie her name to it. Her Name is Ruth. she was scottish. I am a seafood buyer for a large grocery chain. My daughters name is Olivia.
How about Ruth Lives, as your mother lives on in your memories as you enjoy your boat - and you also tie your daughter's name into it.

Red White and Blue

A woman just sent me a short but powerful email. Please read and click 'comments' below to add your boat name suggestions:

My Son just got back from serving in Iraq with the Army National Guard.

He bought a motor boat.

Jeremy would like to name it something "patriotic".

Any ideas????
How about these:

Defender, Stars and Stripers, Liberty

Lost Shaker of Salt

Okay, I'm on boat name request emails that are under two weeks old now. This one should be fun. A woman named angelro just sent me the following boat name request message:
we bought a 1980 Trojan F26 Fly Bridge, My husband is in the wine/margarita business and we were looking for a fun name that might incorporate margarita's. We welcome any ideas!

I'm back now; I had to go make myself a frozen margarita to get in the mood for this one. Ok, here we go. By the way, what a cool-sounding job (in the wine and margarita biz!) Anyway, how about these boat names:

Blender Bender


Need A Margarita


Not sure if you're a Jimmy Buffett fan, but there's always the old standby:


Lost Shaker of Salt

Boat Names - Finally

Received the following message a couple of weeks ago from some nice folks who plan to boat on Lake Michigan:
we have been looking for a boat now for 10 years and finally found it! we have also been dating each other for 20+ years. Other than the obvious "FINALLY" any other ideas? It is a 1988 Chris Craft Amerosport sailing on lake michigan out of saugatuck. Here's a picture:
Well, I guess you can also name my response "Finally"! If you haven't thought of a boat name yet, how about:

10 / 20 Vision (or 20/20 if you count how old the boat is!)

Long Haul

The Tortoise

Tread Carefully

Got any better ideas for boat names? Add comments below:

Calgary Boat Names

Still catching up, lots of good requests for boat names in my inbox. I didn't forget about you *(unless you sent your boat name request to me more than 2 weeks ago, in which case I may have assumed you already found the perfect boat name. If so, please let me know - and, sorry!)

Anyway, here's the message:
We are in the process of purchasing a sailing catamaran. We are currently looking at a 37' Lagoon and a 39' Privilege. Our plans are to move aboard and sail this boat around the world. We are from Calgary Alberta Canada and this boat will be our home and transportation for the next couple of years as we explore the world.

Wow, sounds like fun! How about:

Homeward Unbound


Plan-It (reference to your travel, as well as how organized you are)


The Cowtown Cat (everyone will know where you're from, even if you don't add your hailing port)



My 3 Sons

Received this message a while back from a family looking for boat names. If you've got any ideas, please add comments below.

Hi, we have been happily married for the last 23 years, have 3 sons, 2 in college and 1 in high school. We live in the desert i.e. Albuquerque Nm., my wife is a stay at home mom and we have a small car lot. I race late model stock cars on the weekends and my wife loves to go rving camping and reads a lot.
How about:
My Three Sons (then you can name your second boat "My 3 Sons 2")
Sand Cruiser
Sand Locked

The Protector

It may sound like an Arnold movie or the $7.99 option at the car wash I usually go to. But if you aren't thinking about those things, The Protector is a pretty cool name for a fire boat.

What makes it even cooler is that it was thought of by a couple of elementary school kids in Victoria, Canada. Better yet, the winning boat name pickers got to go for a ride on the boat, and help christen her with a bottle of apple juice!

Full story in the Times Colonist.

In Japan They Have Boats Called Junks

I just received this message this morning from an O'DAY sailboat owner and I had some ideas for boat names right away. Please add your own suggestions for boat names below by clicking on 'comments'.

message from boat owner:
I found my boat in a salvage junkyard. I have fixed it up, pampered it, and now it is ready to hit the waters, but it needs a "special name."

My family of three kids-tweens and wife are into watersports, but not sure how this newest toy fits into our lives.

I tried to think of names that emphasize how I received this freebie O'Day sailboat, such as: abandonment, lost cause, rejected, or Jane Doe, but they just don't seem to fit or have a "catchy" feel to it.

I am a carpenter who looks forward to putting this O'Day in the waters with a "special name." Help!! I thought about Sweet Vicki after my wife, but she just doesn't feel it is right...Send your ideas my way.


My response:

I like your ideas, but it sounds like you should look at them from the other side of the coin. The positive side. Then the ideas may sound more appealing to you and your family.

For example, instead of "Lost Cause", perhaps a name with the word "Found" would be more appropriate, e.g.,

"Lucky Find" or "Lucky Catch"

Aye Found It

Salvaged Beauty

Good luck, and don't forget to visit for vinyl boat lettering and to put your boat name on shirt, hats, towels or a welcome mat.

Cuddy Sark

About two weeks ago, I got the following message from new (to him) boat owner Derek Wisniewski

1988 21' Cuddy Four Winns. New to me. My first boat. Runs good which is more than can be said for the skipper. Blue, gray and white in color. Nice condition.
Please post boat names as comments below.

Greased Lightening

I have missed the last few emails from folks requesting boat name help, so if you are one of them and reading this, I apologize. I'm trying to catch up now and hope I didn't leave you hanging too long.

Here's one message from a couple weeks ago:

We just bought a 1995 bayliner cruiser 2855. When we picked it up we got caught in a lightning storm. It is our first boat and thought of something to do with lightning or storms or something of that sort. help.
Well, congrats on the new boat and for not getting electrocuted the first day you owned her!

How about Greased Lightning,




Lucky Strike

Franklin's Folly

Boat Names Made Easy

That's the cheezy-but-true title of the presentation that I'm giving today at West Marine.

I'm going to show people in person how easy it is to order boat lettering online, and how easy it is to install the lettering.

If you're not doing anything at 10 am, or an hour before or after, please stop in and say hello.

It's the West Marine at 1654 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Right next to the Cuckoos Nest, which, by the way, is where I'll be after my presentation.

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Just got the following message from somebody looking for boat names:

This is for a family cruising boat in Central California. We are in the car business and the health business. Our previous boat was named after our Nordic heritage...VALHALLA

Wood Boat Names

Boat Name Request from a visitor to this site:

I have desperately been searching for a name for my boat. it is a hacker-craft boat. looks like the "old wood" boats. at first i wanted something italian, being italian but now i just want something that fits the feel of the boat. any suggestions?

BoatNameBlog response:

Wow - what a beautiful boat.

I just read an article about similar boats about an hour ago in Forbes, so I wanted to respond right away while it was fresh in my mind.

The terms Celebrity, Classy, Classic, and Woody come to mind. Perhaps something like:

Classy Lady
Aye Wood (as in, "I would")
Wood Do

Please add comments below with better ideas.


Yesterday, a nice guy named Brett wrote to me looking for ideas for boat names. He's a powerboater, a fisherman, and a golfer. Here's his message:

message: I like to golf (so does my wife). This is our first boat together (I had one previously). We're newly married - just over a year ago. We were thinking about something golf related. If we like you're idea, we'll DEFINITELY buy the lettering from you guys! Thanks for the help!
All I could come up with are these boat names, so I am hoping you (other visitors to the boat name blog) will add comments:

Knot Golfing
Fore Us
In the Rough
On the Beach
Sand Trap
Just Married (with paintings of streamers and cans dangling off the back)

By the way, Brett was talking about buying lettering from us at:

He of course is also welcome to buy shirts, welcome mats and hats with his new boat name at:

White Caps

I just received a comprehensive message from the White family, looking for boat names that fit their profile. Please read on and post comments below mine.

message: Well, we just got a larger boat to fit our family of 7. It's a hurricane (pontoon) boat for our family to enjoy fishing and island exploring on the beautiful West coast of Florida. We need to name our new boat something original and family friendly.

A few details about us to help with a name: 5 kids 7 total family members. White is our last name. My husband is a cop. We are Christians and were thinking of a Bible verse or some other reference to fishing and the disciples. We'd love some suggestions. Thank you so much.

Oh, and we do have a list that the kids came up with. It's down to 4, but we are most definitely open to more suggestions.

Here are the four we have so far:

Shell Finder (shell finding is what the little ones love to do most)
The Great Whites (we were thinking of having 7 sharks next to the name representing the family)
Sandy Cheeks (character from Spongebob Squarepants, of which the kids are huge fans)
Plan Z (plan Z is from an episode on Spongebob)

Well, of the suggestions their family already came up with, I like "The Great Whites" the best. However, I would go with different variations on the theme - since they've got such a great name - and maybe consider White Caps or White Nights.

Anybody with more Sunday Schooling than I've had, please comment below with better boat names. Thanks

Murphy and Scarlettis

A couple of powerboaters who like to fish and have fun on their boat sent the following message in hopes that we can help them name their boat:

2008 Bayliner 245, live on an island in the Detroit River, 70's music, Sicilian (him) and Irish (me), he is a chemical engineer and I am a social worker.
There are a ton of good "island" boat names, though many of them are over-used, such as Island Time. In this case, however, I think it's a good fit since they actually live on an island. The subject of this post is the name of a restaurant in Farmington, CT, that I believe is owned by an Irishman and an Italian, hence the name. It is the first thing I thought of when I read this boat name request, so I thought it might spark some ideas.

Reel Island ("reel" as in we really live on an island unlike all those other people who put "island" in their boat name because they wish they lived on an island.)

Island Living

Hockey Puck Part Deux

Hockey season is soooo long, it seems like as soon as somebody wins the cup, they're starting the season again. I guess that's why hockey and boating are so compatible in colder states like Minnesota and Maine. The boating season is as short as the hockey season is long.

Don't blink, you'll miss your chance to boat without wearing a wool cap and coat.

Anyway, I just got this message from a hockey guy who is trying to name his boat. He owns a powerboat, and likes to socialize with other boaters. Maybe you can come up with some better boat names than I did. If so, please click 'comments' below.

I love to play hockey and watch hockey and so do all of my friends
Tight Lines
2 for boating
Power Play
penalty boat

Previously recommended to another hockey fan, this one with two boats:
Luxury Box
Slap Shot

Disco Duck

I just received the following message, and need some boat names from you via the comments below:

I have a 1979 Glasspar Avalon. I want to keep it "disco" "vintage", etc. I want a fun name, and Im going to keep the 70's theme. The interior is lime green.

Likes to fish: Yes

Likes to socialize with other boaters: Yes

Happy Siesta

Yay! Another happy Custom Boat Names customer! Dave sent us the photo you see along with the following note:

Here's the recently re-christened Siesta... couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Launch later this week... looking forward to a great summer (and perhaps an occasional afternoon siesta).

Thanks for your help.

Wouldn't you like to be a happy Custom Boat Names customer?

It's easy... Simply visit Custom Boat Names and start designing your boat names now.

Kal's Revenge

I just came across an Australian blog where a chap explains how he risked the wrath of Neptune by changing his boat name, but I think he'll get away with it.

He rationalized it because he only shortened his existing boat name, which is more like giving your boat a nick name than actually changing it. Not to risky in my book, but I would probably still do a re-naming ceremony just to be safe.

Since he is changing the boat name to just plain "KAL", I wonder if he'll change the URL and name of his blog, too:
It's called Travels aboard Kalitsah and the URL is:

May I help you name your boat

This email just came in overnight from Trish and CV May, who are looking for help with boat names. I wonder what the C and V stand for, don't you? I'm not sure, but am sure that these folks sound like they know how to live!

message: I'm a Business Broker, 65 years old, titled the houseboat to the biz, my last name if May, love the beach... in fact live at Atlantic Beach in a development of Charleston-style homes on the beach and ours is red, love Jimmy Buffet, love martini's, love life, have lots of fun, this houseboat looks like a cottage floating on water.

Here are a couple of ideas off the top of my head. Please click "comments" to add your boat name suggestions for the Mays.
May or May Knot
Beach House II
[the web address of your business]
The Office (imagine saying, "let's meet in my office")

They need to name boats down under too

This message speaks for itself, and it's good to see the Boat Name Blog is read on the other side of the world. Don't forget, when helping these folks, the boat will be in Australia... so don't suggest any American cliché-type names like Crocodile Dundee or Shrimp on the Barbee.

Hi we live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and have just purchased a bowrider. We're a family of 2 adults and 2 girls 10 & 8yrs. Dad can ski, but none of us can and are looking forward to learning. Dad's a Civil Engineer and I'm a Stay @ Home Mum. We enjoy the beach, snow-skiing (go figure!!) not really into fishing but again looking forward to trying now. Girls love music and dancing. Mum and Dad tone deaf! Nobody much in Oz name their boats any more but would love to name ours something clever or funny. Can you help, what can your readers come up with??? Many thanks, oh and love your blog.

Oh Grady

Just received a distress call from a new boat owner, who wrote:

I just got a 33 foot Grady White for fishing off of the Delaware coast.

We're very Irish and love to fish and the family and I can't agree on a name.

Please help!!
This has probably been done a million times, but what about an Irish twist on the boat manufacturer, Grady White, such as:


One of favorite Irish boat names that came up in the boat names generator is:
Irish Ayes


Somebody named Quinn wrote us last week looking for help with a family oriented boat name. Not sure if Quinn is a first or last name, but it's a good name either way.

They are in both the lumberyard business and the auto business (interesting combo!), they like to water ski and socialize on their powerboat.

Any ideas for a name for Quinn's boat?

How about a play on the name Quinn - Quinntessential

Trees and cars... Chop Shop, Paul Bunyan, Flannel

Party Large

An anonymous boater wrote to us last week asking for help coming up with a name for his sailboat.

He services boats for a living and lives on his boat at the marina where he works, so he's probably seen a lot of boat names.

He told us that he likes to dance at clubs, drink rum, he's single, and he likes to invent new things.

When he's not working (or maybe even when he is), he likes to socialize with other boaters.

My initial thoughts for his sailboat name are:

Bacardi Breeze (unless he favors Captain Morgan or another brand)
Party Barge (I think the word Barge would look sarcastically funny, in a good way, on a sailboat)

Knot Knot Working (a variation of the very popular, "Knot Working". Double negative because Scott probably IS working if he's near his boat)

Please comment below to add more boat name suggestions!

The Great Loop

I'm embarrassed that I never heard of the great loop before today. A quick google search gave me this definition from wikipedia:

The circumnavigation of Eastern North America by water is known as the Great Loop. Also known as the Great Circle, the trip varies from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles depending on the options used.

I finally needed to learn about the great loop when I read that the Pederson family was in the middle of doing the loop right now, and they are blogging about it. The Pedersons happened to mention a few funny boat names on their blog about their adventure.

What boat names did they mention you ask?

Bad Buoy
Miss Elaine e-us

Check out their boat name post and the rest of their blog here.

Just Beachy

I found a cute blog today by a midwestern girl (currently living in New Orleans, but dreaming of someday living in Florida and cruising in the Caribbean).

Today she shared her list of boat names for when her and her beau buy a boat. Of her choices, these are my favorite three:

Just Beachy (it's also the name of her blog)

Hip Nautic (it sounds chic, especially if you put the accent on "tic" like the ski boats)

Seagar (how cigars are spelled when you are on a boat)

Boat names I bumped into today

The random boat name that appeared on the CustomBoatNames boat name generator: American FantaSea

According to luxist, the name of the 269-foot yacht which once belonged to Saddam Hussein: The Ocean Breeze

According to Yachting Magazine (sorry no link, I read the print magazine), the name of Billy Joel's most recent yacht: Vendetta

Your Reel Boat Names

I've compiled a list of your real - or should I say reel - boat names that visitors have told me about over the past few years.

Here are just a few of them - let me know if you see yours! I'll post more soon.

Reel Love
Reel-T 2
Reely Nauti
For Reelin'
2 Peachy
3 Lil Ladys
A Clever Name
Ajay's Girl
Amazing Grace
Angie Gwinn
Attitude Adjuster

Messy Boat Name

According to one of her latest posts, Amy - blogger and star of The World Through Amy's Eyes - is leaning towards the boat name What-a-Mess for the boat she is planning to buy and live aboard.

I like the name, except I'm not sure if in Britain the word "mess" is synonymous with "kitchen" as it is here in the States. I would hate to see its owners having to explain over and over that their boat's mess isn't as great as their boat name indicates.

Personally, I like one of her earlier favorites (or should I say favourites) - Fade to Scarlet. Not for it's personal meaning, but for the name's imagery of color. It reminds me of the old saying:
Red sky at night, sailors delight.
Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.

Super Size My Boat Name

I think I found my favorite boat name of the month already, and it's only April 4th. And, I didn't even get this one from my own custom boat name generator or the original boat name machine at!

I got this boat name idea from a blog that I stumbled across today called EVK4 SuperBlog. (Even the blog's name is cool!)

The boat name?

Drum roll, please....

The boat name is....


Check it out, along with interesting editorial on what the owner might have been thinking about and other boat naming ideas, at the EVK4 SuperBlog.

If you ask me, the boat actually looks more like a Whopper!

Tim from Tampa

Tim writes to the Boat Name Blog:

pathfinder boats
I am getting a pathfinder 22' bay boat.

My last boat I named bar hoppin.

Lookin for something unique and different.

Please help!

Tim also told us he likes to fish and socialize with other boaters, but it sounds like he's trying to get away from a boozing boat name, so Aqua-Holic is out of the question. We also know Tim probably boats in Florida, as his email address contained the word "Tampa".

Reel Time
On the Hook
Tackle Bay
Bay Bender

These suck - please comment with something better!

Knot 2 Fancy

I received this request for boat name help a couple of weeks ago, but you guys have been keeping me pretty busy with these. If I haven't gotten to yours, I promise to try over the next few days.

Brian wrote:
It's our first boat - nothing fancy - 19ft ski boat. We are a family of 4. We are not a fancy bunch. Just planning to have weekend fun this summer, fishing, skiing, and tubing. Looking for a fun name for our boat. Thanks for the help.
My first thoughts for Brian is that he and his family isn't fancy, since he said it twice. How about:

The boat lettering design above was created at Custom Boat Names in a tomato red Katarina Regular font, with both a border and a drop shadow in cobalt blue. At 3" tall by about 17" wide, this lettering would cost under $45.

To design your own vinyl boat lettering, visit

New Orleans on my mind

Strange. New Orleans was on my mind when I got this message yesterday from some sailors looking for help with a boat name. Here's their story:
Two middle-aged couples own the boat. The men have sailed for many years, with many sailboat races (local and blue water) under their belt. The women are recent sailors(5-7 years). We live in New Orleans; the boat will be located on the south shore of Lake Pontchatrain. We all appreciate fine wines, good food. Our work life history is from varied areas: automobiles, government, architecture and plant manager.
Any suggestions for these fine-loving folks? My suggestions are lame right now, but I'll comment later if I think of more than stereotypical Naw-Leans stuff:

Captain Creole
Cajon Dancer
Easy Wind
Crescent City Cruiser

Bite This and other fishing boat names

Just spotted these boat names on a fishing forum:

Bite Me and Offensive Tackle

I've seen Bite Me before, and hear it quite often. But Offensive Tackle is new to me. Great name if you're both a fisherman and a football fan (which is probably a pretty high percentage of the male population of boaters who fish).

Other variations that these names made me think of are Bite This, Defensive Tackle (for fishermen who don't catch much), and even Right or Left Tackle.

Of course, even Tackled works for those who once carried the ball and also like to fish.

Thanks to BiteMeFiji on Bloody Decks - the fishing forum for hardcore anglers. (BLoody Decks - another great name for you fishers)

Filthy Oar and other dirty boat names

Thinking about naming your boat with a potentially offensive name?

There's an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of dirty boat names over on SailNet. The young guy who started the thread stays active throughout the discussion and progresses from naming his boat Filthy Whore to naming it "Briella" after his kids.

My vote is for the latter, though if I did go the other way I would be likely to mix it up a little, and perhaps name it Filthy Oar.

The discussion is worthwhile for its comments about potential FCC violations (for yelling profanities over your boat's VHF radio), as well as for its insight into the thinking of yacht club sailors vs. sailors who talk like, well, sailors.

You can read the entire thread at SailNet here.

The Otter and other Boat Names

Tiffany Ott just sent us a message looking for ideas for boat names.

Her message in its entirety:
My husband and i just purchased our first boat. It is a 21 foot party barge pontoon. We live in Wisconsin and are putting it in the Mississippi River. Our last name is Ott, so my husband wants to name it the "Otter". But I heard it was bad luck to name it beginning with the letter "o". I wanted to name it "spoiled brat" because my husband has been wanting this boat for awhile. Any suggestions?

Well, I've not heard much about the the "O" thing with boat names and found a few examples of popular boat names starting with the letter "O" -

Off The Hook
Out of Control

HOWEVER, if you want to stay away from a leading 'O', my recommendation would be to simply place another word in front of "otter", as in:
The Otter
or, one of my favorites:
Sea Otter

Alternatively, try these on for size:

Ott'a Control (as in "Out of Control")
Ott'a Here (same concept)
Breakfast at...

Also, not sure where to go with this, but you are from Wisconsin, which everyone knows the Badger State. You may or may not know that badgers are from the same family as otters - Mustelidae or Mustelids. According to Wikipedia, mustelidae are commonly referred to as the "weasel family". You probably don't want to put 'Weasel' in your boat name, but what about a tribute to both your home state and your last name and call the boat, "All in the Family".

Two Tickets to Paradise

Danny sent us a message yesterday in search of a new boat name.

I am a Ticket Broker living in AZ & putting a boat in San Diego. The name must have "tickets" somewhere in it.

Help Danny and maybe he'll get you a deal on some Van Halen tix. Comments please.

How about:
Front Row (I know it doesn't say 'Tickets')
That's the Ticket
Ticket Envy
GottumNeedsum (as in, Whose Got'em, Who Needs'em)

Boat Names Spotted in the Bahamas

The following boat names of note were spotted in the Bahamas by Mary and Blair Buchanan, a Canadian couple living aboard their Tartan 3500 - which they named Strathspey (learn more about this boat name) - and cruising the coastal waters of the Eastern Seaboard. They blog about their adventures, which is how we get to hear about the interesting boat names they found.

Among the most memorable names that the Buchanans noticed:
Worthless Wench, Feral Cat, Rum Tum Tiger, Wings of Angels, Wind of Peace, Sam the Skull.

Read their entire post here.


Alex writes, "24 year old male. i just purchased my first boat.
19ft bomber vanguard. it has a 5.7 l engine. and its red and white.

Alex, dude, you're 24 and have a NICE, flexible, fast boat - good for both fishing, skiing, and generally having fun on nice days.

I like the boat name 24/7 based on your age and the hours you will probably spend on your boat; one drawback is that you're not going to be 24 forever, but it's still a nice, short name.

I invite others to post boat name suggestions to this and other requests on this site.


One-Armed Bandit

An email was recently sent to me - I think they were looking for help with their boat name, but it was hard to tell, as the message was short and sweet.

It read, "I Love to Gamble. I play the slot machines."

With so little to go on, many other questions raced through my mind... does the boater like to fish, is it a speedboat, rowboat, sailboat, family, single man, woman, grandmother?

Any suggestions out there for our friend?

How about...

The Gambler

Slots & Knots


Spinning Reels


Boat Name Mats and Beach Towels is now offering beach towels and welcome mats for boats, both personalizable (is that a word?) with your boat name.

You'll welcome your guests onto your boat with style when they step onto your new plush personalized boat mat (and it will also remind them to remove their shoes or wipe their feet!)

On the web:

Hockey Puck

We received the following SOS call from John two days ago. Don't let John's new big boat suffer the same name-less fate as his first boat. Please comment below with boat name ideas for John!

Boat to name is a 32' sea ray express cruiser (1990, but new to us). It is white with maroon graphics. It is our second boat, our first boat, which we still have, is a 17' Bayliner that was never named. We have owned it since new in 1988. We ski on little boat. On big boat, which is what we usually call it, we can entertain other couples, which we never could do on the little boat. Family is me, John, wife Lori and kids Jack 15 and Natalie 13. We are avid hockey fans/players. Looking for something funny/catchy. Career wise i am a PhD engineer.

Need all the help you can come up with as we are stumped, and the more we think about it the harder it gets.

How about Big Boat and Little Boat, since you're already calling them that.

Luxury Box for the Sea Ray, Slap Shot for the Bayliner.

Gina's Houseboat Needs a Name

Gina Davis sent us a message yesterday. It wasn't the actress, because she spells her name Geena. Anyhow, here's Gina's message:

"Me and my husband bought a 52' houseboat that needs work after the back half sank; it's almost paid for so when we get it back on the lake it will be free and clear. We need help, but nothing dirty or suggestive, we have 3 girls. thanks!!"

How about "Free and Clear", "Liquid Asset" or just plain "Freedom" to celebrate the boat being nearly paid for.

Or, you can reference the sinking incident and name her "better half" (but make sure you put the vinyl lettering on the front of the boat).

Any better suggestions? Please comment below...

Boat Names in the Movies

Got an email last week that I couldn't respond to, as the messenger did not put their email address in our site's online form.

Oh well, maybe he'll read this:

The message was from someone named Charles, and simply read, "fishing boat i like to have REEL in it or my nick name is FLICK something".

Well. That's it. My first guess is to offer a boat name that references the movies, since REEL and FLICK are both words that evoke film. Of course, Flick is probably thinking about fishing when he suggested REEL, but who knows?

I suggest the following to flick:

Reel Life (If you're fishing, you're experiencing real life instead of watching movies)

Reel World (same thing)

Fish Flick (just like a chick flick, but for fish)

Speaking of boat names and movies, got any good movie boat name trivia? I'm looking for additional content for my famous boat names page on (post comments below).

Upgrade from Aqua Therapy

I received the following message a couple of days ago. Please post a comment below to add your boat name ideas.

Our last name is Kamphuis (pronounced campus). Our occupations are a nurse and service manager at a Ford dealership. Just purchased a 26.5 foot boat; our old boat is named Aqua Therapy. We enjoy boating and spend all our free time on the water.

Here are my suggestions:

Aqua Therapy II (too obvious, or maybe the name came with the boat?)

Old Skool (pronounced "school")

Off Campus - or - Campus Life (Are there any other, better catch phrases with the word "Campus"?)

Tooling Around (service manager reference)

Care-Free (you both care for people or cars - your time on your boat gives you a break from that)

Any better ideas? Please comment...

Most Popular Boat Names from 2007

It's that time of year again. BoatUS, which is well known for its marine equipment stores (in cahoots with West Marine), as well as AAA-like memberships and regular boat insurance, just came out with their list of top boat names in the United States for 2007.

It's interesting to see the influence of a Disney movie rise above old standards like Liberty (which has been especially popular every year since 9/11), Second Wind (popular with sailors and people my age and older), Aquaholic (read: pull me over and give me a breathalizer test), and Carpe Diem.

Here is the full list of top boat names from 2007:

Black Pearl
Second Wind
Amazing Grace
Knot On-Call
Second Chance
The Dog House
Carpe Diem or Seas the Day

For the previous years boat names, visit FirstBoat's comprehensive boat name site.

If you want to see what any of these popular boat names would look like on the back of your boat, visit now to preview any boat name in different fonts and colors.

Blogging about Boat Names in the Abacos

I just came across a fantastic blog entry by a retired couple in the Abacos.

One of our pastimes at anchor is listening to channel 68, which in the Abacos is the cruisers’ hailing channel or frequency.

Read on at their blog here.

He said Erection - Heh Heh

Sorry, but I just can't pass up the opportunity for a good Beavis and Butthead reference.
Anyway, some dude named Chris just sent me an email saying:

I am purchasing a 28' Rinker cruiser. I own a steel erection company in the chicagoland area. My wife Michelle and I are proud parents of two girls Hannah and Hayley. I was thinking of something along the line of work (nuts and bolts )or something with steel or iron in it. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank-You
First of all, Chris, congrats on your purchase, but... You should know... I'm just back from the Hartford boat show this evening and a sales rep from a dealer of a boat manufacturer that will remain nameless called the brand of boat you are buying "Stinker Rinkers". While I thought this was immature, they went on to explain how their boats were made better... But, whatever. Rinkers still have a good rep in my mind, so pay no attention.

Second of all; while I jest in the title of this post, I do believe 'work' may be the way to go - Steel The Day, In the SEAA.
Although, there is also the H-H factor of your two precious daughters.

H20 comes to mind, as does Ha-Ha (just for laughs).

I'm sure you'll come up with something great, and when you do, don't forget to buy your boat lettering here.

Brothers in Arms

I just got a great request for a boat name - this is among the best information I've seen from someone looking for boat name assistance since I started this blog. It is a sincere story about a couple of brothers (in-law) that are building a boat together. What a journey they will enjoy. Please read their message and click on 'comments' to help them out. All I could think of is an old Dire Straits tune.

message from Kevin Wells and Andy Turner:
My brother in law and I are building our first boat. We would like to come up with a good name for it. The boat is a 12' skiff. We both live in Virginia Beach and I am a carpenter and my brother in law is a diver.

While you're thinking about how to help Kevin and Andy with their boat name, enjoy this video from YouTube:

Random Boat Names

Generated these boat names today on the Boat Name Generator and thought they were pretty good:

Good Fish

Buoys of Summer

Aye Sail
Give it a couple of clicks yourself, and if you come up with any boat names that you would recommend to a friend, please post them here as comments.

Aye Love NY

regal boatBrian just sent in the following message. Can you help Brian name his new boat?

I just purchased our second boat, a 27' regal 2700 open bow. We enjoy our days on the water with family and friends. Our first boat was a 21' that was two years old and too small. We're from Upstate NY. The boat is red.

regal boatNot a bad background, and a nice boat as viewed from these photos I found on the official Regal website.

Now that I'm sufficiently distracted, let's get down to the business of boat names.

Let's review. What do we know about Brian and his boat? Here's what comes to my mind:

Red, Upstate NY means fresh water boating, 2nd Boat, family and friends.

With that and a sip of Jack Daniels, here I go with my boat name suggestion-predictions. Feel free to weigh in with your own suggestions by clicking 'comments' below.

First Boat II (like Rambo)
Big Apple (You are in NY and the boat is red)
Aye Love NY
Red Aye

Top Boat Names from December

Below is just a small selection of the great boat names that were purchased as either vinyl lettering at CustomBoatNames or as personalized, embroidered shirts or hats at during the month of December 2007:

The Operator
Wet Dream
Blue Inn
Steel Reelin'
First Light
Superior Queen
Mystic Spirit
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Boat Lettering Made Easy

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The lettering seems easy-to-apply as well, so you don't have to pay somebody to do something you can easily do yourself, or wait for a sign shop to have an opening two weeks from next Tuesday!

On the web:

Boat Name of the Day

As seen on the Boat Name Ideas machine at -

Best boat name generated today:

Knot Surprised

Second best boat name:

Permanent Exta-Sea

Gizmo - Why Knot?

The editor of the marine electronics weblog - - is trying to name his new boat and sounds like he needs some help. According to his New Year's Eve blog post, he's looking at names such as Big Gizmo, Gizmo the Large, Maybe just plain Gizmo, and add a "Li’l".

I sense a theme in the names.

Wikipedia just told me that the word Gizmo is a placeholder name for any small technological item, and that other similar names are gadget, widget, thingamajig, blobject (I never heard of blobject), so the boat name makes sense for the electronics editor of a major boating magazine.

Why not help the fella out with his boat name? Visit and leave a comment with your suggestions.

Suggest some boat names and WIN!

How to help: Read the boat name stories on this site, then suggest boat names by adding a comment after any post.

How to win: Non-anonymous users who suggest boat names will be eligible for a random drawing of a personalized boat name t-shirt from each month.

More Boat Names - the Archive