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Irish Boat Names

I've had a couple of requests for folks looking for suggestions or ideas for Irish boat names, but since I'm only part-Irish by marriage, I am having trouble coming up with anything other than Irish Ayes.

Got any better Irish boat name suggestions? Please comment here and I'll post the best ones... Heck, there won't be many, so I'll post ALL of them. Please comment.


Anonymous said...

How about:

Bit 'O Blarney
Celtic Lady
Emerald Isle
Irish Rover

~ Cap'n John

Anonymous said...

we had a 42' westwind vagabond that we named Emerald Cloud, there is quite a history of boats named something cloud. i was hoping to name our new boat a gaelic term for respite or haven, but not radio friendly, my other fav is
rum doxie which could mean
a fine mistress

Anonymous said...

how about "jigs & reels"?

or some derivation of that would be good for a fishing boat.

irish rover was the first thing that popped in my head - good call capn jim!

Anonymous said...

Irish Wake sound good?


Anonymous said...

My boat is named "O Feck". Doesn't get more Irish than that.

Anonymous said...


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