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Dawn and Eric - 38 foot Sea Ray

I received this message from Dawn today after enjoying an extra hour of sleep last night due to DST, but I still can't think of the perfect boat name to help out her family. Maybe you can read the following note and comment below with your suggestions for Dawn:

After lots of searching and research my boyfriend and I have finally found the perfect boat... a beautiful 38 foot searay sundancer. We are both 42 years old and met on We live one hour apart and each have two children ( a 14yr old girl, two 12yr old boys and an 8yr old boy) from previous marriages. We both live near the water... Eric in Mystic, CT and myself in Bristol, RI... we both grew up boating and although we purchased a powerboat, we have raced together on a sailboat for the past two summers. We are very much in love and are looking forward to spending time with our families on this new dream boat. We really want to find the perfect name for our very special boat. Also, we are both half Italian and love to cook and to entertain family and friends. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dawn
Maybe Dawn is a really clever spammer working for and just trying to get me to link to their site, but I don't care because it's a good story. Also, I can't get the word "match" out of my head for their boat name suggestions. Perhaps Perfect Match or Match Made is the perfect boat name for Dawn and Eric. I also suspect they do much of their boating between Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound, so maybe something with the word "Sound" - but I don't know their professions so I'm running into a road Block. I could smell the Italian spices bellowing out of the galley in this boat of theirs, so maybe something like Perfect Scents or Sweet Scents.

Please comment and come up with something else for Dawn and Eric...


Anonymous said...

How about "Fiammifero" which means "Match" in Italian. Or "Fiammifero Perfetto" which means "Perfect Match".

Some other suggestions:

"Met Our Match"
"La Dolce Vita"

Anonymous said...

Match Dancer

His & Hers

38 Special

Sea Match

Match Up

Match Mates

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best names are the ones that nobody else can figure out. I like the ones where people looking at your transom have a puzzled look and you can tell they are trying to figure it out. How about your old screen mame from match?

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