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Cuddy Shark

Sometimes I feel like Simon Cowell.

For example, I received the following message from somebody named Duane today:

I just upgraded from a 19' to a 22' cuddy. It's an Imperial black and gray in color. Any ideas?

Well, my first instinct was to tell Duano that I'm not a mind reader; me and the folks who post to this blog can help, but you need to bring SOMETHING to the table besides the color and length of your new boat. The Paula Abdul in me wants me to wish you the best with your new boat, Duane, but let's get back to Simon...

Here's what you need to do Duane. Ask yourself, or tell us, the following:

What do you do for a living?

What are your partner's, wife's, kids' names?

Where do you boat?

What are your OTHER hobbies (we already know you boat)?

We're just trying to help... Throw me a frickin' bone here!

Alright, Simon has left my head. Besides, maybe I can read minds. In fact, the following boat names just appeared in my head where Simon was standing:

Down the Duano

Cuddy Shark

Cayuga Cuddy (in case you take courses at Cayuga Community College)

If anybody else is feeling extra sensory tonight, please post your comments to help out Duane with his boat name.

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