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Change the Name

Did you buy a pre-owned (and pre-named) boat and start wondering, "Is it okay to change your boat name?"

The answer is a re-sounding YES.

Changing your boat name is not going to make you wreck into rocks on your first voyage, and you need a name that fits YOU - not the previous owner. I've never seen any research to back up the superstition - has anybody ever done a study on boat crashes and whether the boats involved had been renamed?

Meps 'n' Barry found away around the superstition, and are now struggling with ideas for their new boat name. One of their criteria for a new boat name (especially if the superstition actually IS true) is that the name has to pass the MayDay Test, as described by Meps 'n' Barry on their blog.

How clear does your boat name sound over the radio?

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