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Tug This

I recently got a message from some tug boat owners:

We have ordered a dark green American Tug 41 - both retired living in Cypress Landing on the Chocowinity River in NC - our 1st boat was a 34 American Tug "Red e Tug o"

I read that email, googled "american tug 41" to see what one looked like, then came up with the following boat names:

Tug o' War (why not paint it camo?)
Tug o' Peace (in case you're against war)
Tug o' Peas (because it's green)

Here are a couple of "Popeye" names, because when I think of a green Tug, all I can think of is a can of spinach.

Swee 'Pea (again, because it's green)
The Olive (this was the name of Popeye's boat)

Certainly you - my clever web page visitor - could come up with a better name for these folks in Cypress Landing. Please suggest some boat names by way of the comment link below.


Reyna's Mama said...

Big Green Tug
La Verde Tub
Tug Verde

Verde is green in Spanish.

Reyna's Mama said...

The Green Tugger

Anonymous said...

emerald empress

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