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Smuttynose - I don't think so

I really want to help these nice folks up in Alaska. Any suggestions? Please comment below. Here's their message to me:

"We are in the Coast Guard and live in Alaska. We love Jimmy Buffett, diving, fishing, have a 3 year old named Sean. We just bought an Osprey 24' fisherman that is named Smuttynose---and that just won't do! Help! Please!

Thank you~ D n J"

How about:

Off Duty (the name will double as an alarm system for would-be intruders)

Boat Drinks (Because "It's 20 degrees and the hockey game's on" is too long)

Son of a Sailor (better than just naming the boat Sean)

D and J's Folly


Anonymous said...

And what's the problem with the name Smuttynose? It has served us well for many years. Here you'll find a photo of a pretty sailboat that proudly bears the same name:


Peter Egelston
President, Smuttynose Brewing Co.

Anonymous said...

Mr. President,

I can see your point. Smuttynose is a fine name for an executive of the Smuttynose Brewing Company!


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