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Juan needs a boat name

I received this message from Juan a few days ago. Can you suggest a boat name for him?

hi, i have searched for a name, but I can't find the right one... I want a name that is funny/sarcastic, as im like that, I bought the boat as to play a joke on a family member, but I really wanted a boat. but it was a last minute deal just before Labor Day weekend, actually i bought it on friday before LB weekend.

it is a 2007 Bayliner 175BR

Juan, there are a few different ways you can go here. You bought a brand new boat on a whim to get a laugh, which tells me you have a great sense of humor and plenty of disposable income, so you can play on both of those traits in your boat name... something like Funny Money. Joker - Smoker - Toker.

You can also go with the "last minute" or whim aspect of your boat purchase... Out on a Whim...
Add your suggestions as comments please.

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