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Leave Your Boat Name Here

I just read a blog post from a cruiser who describes a magical place where boaters leave signs with their boat names written on them - as a mark to let future cruisers know they were there. The place they are referring to is on an uninhabited island in the Abacos region of the Bahamas.

There are many wonderful boating blogs like this one from Lynn and Peter Forgosh -- a retired banker and lawyer, respectively -- who, this past June (2007) became liveaboard full time cruisers. This one just happened to catch our attention because it mentions boat names.

Small Change

When I saw the boat name Petty Cash in an old forum during a recent google search, I thought it looked pretty good, but that it was also sort of a pompous choice as far as boat names go. But, hey, if you can afford a boat that nice and it's not breaking your bank, more power to you.

Petty Cash
Small Change
Play Money
In other words, they might as well named the boat "I earned more before 9 am than you do in 5 years"

Finally Got The Boat

David Edens writes:

I am a 47 year old who has wanted my own fishing boat all my life. I finally just purchased a 23 foot Proline with center console. Now I don't have to wait to go offshore fishing with my friend on his boat when it is convenient for him to go. I can go when I feel like it. I am also a fan of Dale Earnhart Jr. and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Well, David, first of all - congratulations on the new boat - finally!!!

Secondly, I only publish people's names when they open up interesting boat name possibilities as yours does.

Any big Bucs or racing fans out there? I definitely am looking for comments from visitors to the site - please click comments below to post your boat name ideas for David. Here are mine:

Garden of Edens
Worth the Wait
Number 8
Finally Hooked
My Time
Fishing Time

Captain Kidd's Boat Name

Daily Boater just told me that they found the wreckage of a ship abandoned by Captain Kidd off the coast of the Dominican Republic hundreds of years ago.

After reading the full article, I noticed the name of the boat once sailed by the pirate was Quedagh Merchant.

Not sure if I would name my express cruiser, but it's a cool name for a pirate ship.

Christmast Gift Ideas

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Name it after a Fish

I like the idea of naming your boat after a fish or other sea creature. What could be more appropriate for the thing that is going to carry you through the waves, darting about the water like a dolphin.

Victor Mallet of today posted a great story about boat names, particularly focusing on a boat called Arapaima. The Arapaima, which also goes by the name of pirarucu, is a freshwater fish found in the Amazon that can be as large as 10 feet long.

Mr. Mallet's advice on naming a boat involves something about underwear, so the article is well worth a quick browse if your trying to come up with a new boat name.

More boat naming advice from our sponsors: Once you choose the boat name of your dreams, make sure you check out CustomBoatNames to get vinyl lettering for your boat, and also BoatNameGear for shirts and hats personalized with your boat name and hailing port.

A Boat in the Desert

I just received the following message from James and Kathleen Long, land-locked desert-dwellers looking for help with a boat name. (Note: I normally don't publish names, but I thought it might be useful in this case - especially if anyone can think of a good 2-word boat name that means "LONG trip to the water"). Here's their email to me:

Hi, we have been happily married for the last 23 years, have 3 sons, 2 in college and 1 in high school. We live in the desert i.e. Albuquerque N.M., my wife is a stay at home mom and we have a small car lot. I race late model stock cars on the weekends and my wife loves to go RVing, camping, and reads a lot.

How about:

Truckin (The word makes many people think, "Long Strange Trip")
Reel Race (not sure if you fish)
Car Knot
Sand Crawler or Land Speeder (star wars)

November Names of Note

There were dozens and dozens of boat names flying across our busy servers over the past couple of months - not only from the usual vinyl lettering orders, but also from the newly launched Boat Name Gear on which we sell custom stitched shirts and hats with your boat name on them.

There were a lot of interesting and unique boat names, some of which I still don't understand! Here are a few of the standouts that I liked - whether I understood them or not:

Serenity Now!
Total Kaos Too
Ca Sea Ta
Swiss Miss
Take a Hike

Cuddy Shark

Sometimes I feel like Simon Cowell.

For example, I received the following message from somebody named Duane today:

I just upgraded from a 19' to a 22' cuddy. It's an Imperial black and gray in color. Any ideas?

Well, my first instinct was to tell Duano that I'm not a mind reader; me and the folks who post to this blog can help, but you need to bring SOMETHING to the table besides the color and length of your new boat. The Paula Abdul in me wants me to wish you the best with your new boat, Duane, but let's get back to Simon...

Here's what you need to do Duane. Ask yourself, or tell us, the following:

What do you do for a living?

What are your partner's, wife's, kids' names?

Where do you boat?

What are your OTHER hobbies (we already know you boat)?

We're just trying to help... Throw me a frickin' bone here!

Alright, Simon has left my head. Besides, maybe I can read minds. In fact, the following boat names just appeared in my head where Simon was standing:

Down the Duano

Cuddy Shark

Cayuga Cuddy (in case you take courses at Cayuga Community College)

If anybody else is feeling extra sensory tonight, please post your comments to help out Duane with his boat name.

Change the Name

Did you buy a pre-owned (and pre-named) boat and start wondering, "Is it okay to change your boat name?"

The answer is a re-sounding YES.

Changing your boat name is not going to make you wreck into rocks on your first voyage, and you need a name that fits YOU - not the previous owner. I've never seen any research to back up the superstition - has anybody ever done a study on boat crashes and whether the boats involved had been renamed?

Meps 'n' Barry found away around the superstition, and are now struggling with ideas for their new boat name. One of their criteria for a new boat name (especially if the superstition actually IS true) is that the name has to pass the MayDay Test, as described by Meps 'n' Barry on their blog.

How clear does your boat name sound over the radio?

Not so girly boat name please

Just got this message in my inbox from Vera. Can you please help her out, as all I can think of are girly names with all those girls on the boat....

Hi my husband and I just sold our fountain race boat and purchased a 45 silverton. we have two girls nicole and danielle and can not think of a cool name that is also not girly.


The Silverton is beautiful (photo courtesy of and certainly more practical (as far as boats go) given that you have a family. However, there is probably an opportunity here for a boat name that describes your before-and-after experience, which is very dramatic -- going from such a performance-oriented boat to the motor yacht. Must feel like your lumbering along in that big ol' thing. Maybe something like, Tortoise and Hare, or Knot So Fast.

If you plan to fish off the Silverton, how about "The Reel Race"?

Irish Boat Names

I've had a couple of requests for folks looking for suggestions or ideas for Irish boat names, but since I'm only part-Irish by marriage, I am having trouble coming up with anything other than Irish Ayes.

Got any better Irish boat name suggestions? Please comment here and I'll post the best ones... Heck, there won't be many, so I'll post ALL of them. Please comment.

Dawn and Eric - 38 foot Sea Ray

I received this message from Dawn today after enjoying an extra hour of sleep last night due to DST, but I still can't think of the perfect boat name to help out her family. Maybe you can read the following note and comment below with your suggestions for Dawn:

After lots of searching and research my boyfriend and I have finally found the perfect boat... a beautiful 38 foot searay sundancer. We are both 42 years old and met on We live one hour apart and each have two children ( a 14yr old girl, two 12yr old boys and an 8yr old boy) from previous marriages. We both live near the water... Eric in Mystic, CT and myself in Bristol, RI... we both grew up boating and although we purchased a powerboat, we have raced together on a sailboat for the past two summers. We are very much in love and are looking forward to spending time with our families on this new dream boat. We really want to find the perfect name for our very special boat. Also, we are both half Italian and love to cook and to entertain family and friends. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dawn
Maybe Dawn is a really clever spammer working for and just trying to get me to link to their site, but I don't care because it's a good story. Also, I can't get the word "match" out of my head for their boat name suggestions. Perhaps Perfect Match or Match Made is the perfect boat name for Dawn and Eric. I also suspect they do much of their boating between Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound, so maybe something with the word "Sound" - but I don't know their professions so I'm running into a road Block. I could smell the Italian spices bellowing out of the galley in this boat of theirs, so maybe something like Perfect Scents or Sweet Scents.

Please comment and come up with something else for Dawn and Eric...

Boat Name Contest

I'm thinking we need a boat name contest. Post comments below with ideas, but I'm thinking people can send their boat name and the story behind it and the most interesting one wins a baseball cap with their boat name embroidered on it. Let me know if this doesn't suck, and we'll get it goin' on.

Merry Christmas

Last week I received the following message from a generous gentleman in South Africa (He didn't mention it, but I could tell from his email address which ended in ".za"). Anyway, here is his plea:

Hi, I have just bought a 3 metre rubber duck with 5 horse power Honda on the back for my two boys Xmas present this year. I am desperate to find a suitable name for their boat and need your help. They both love the water and are good swimmers and enjoy playing water polo.


I would definitely suggest a Christmas theme to the boat name. I mean, how often are boats given as Christmas gifts? I believe this is quite unique, but I could be mistaken. Here's what I sent him... Click "comments" below if you've got better boat name ideas for the lads.

Stocking Stuffer

Or, it the boys have a bit of an attitude:

Wrap This

By the way, thanks to the 99th Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.

Help Me Rhonda, Help Help Me Rhonda

About six days ago I received the following brief message from someone named rhonda:

My boyfriend (Tony) needs to name his new boat - it is a midnight express with three motors ??? need something good!!!!!!

Can you help Rhonda and Tony find the perfect boat name for Tony's new boat? I, personally, don't have a good feeling about this one. Comment below with your best guess for what they should name the boat.

Sounds like a fast boat, so probably something to with speed, or a play on three, tri, trio, etc.

My one suggestion would be Triumvirate

From Wikipedia: The term triumvirate (a law)(from Latin, "of three men") is commonly used to describe a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals.

Childhood Memories

W & K sent me the following message looking for help. They are restoring a beautiful boat that reminds me of the wooden Pembroke my dad had when I was a kid. A quick Google search and I quickly found out why - Pembrokes and Pequods seem to be from the same manufacturer. Anyway, here's the story from W & K; please comment below to help them out with your suggestions! (Note: image shown is not from W & K; i found it on yacht

We recently purchased a 1975 Pequod Sedan bridge. We are completely restoring her, inside and out. This is our very first boat so all this nautical stuff is new to us. We both work in the medical field (firefighter/paramedic). Need help coming up with the perfect name for our boat.

My boat name suggestions are here:
Hook & Ladder
Knot On Call

Click 'comment' to add your boat name suggestions for this beauty.

Name a 36 ft Carver

A nice woman named Margie sent me the following note this week. I've got a few ideas for her, but I know you can come up with something better!

Margie wrote, "My boyfriend and I just purchased a 36 foot carver. This is our first boat together. I have four boys from a previous marriage, and he has a male cocker spaniel. Need a unique name, I am the only female on this boat.....Any suggestions?"

I wrote back:

My suggestion is:
My Buoys

Maiden Voyage
Queen of the Sea

Got any better boat names for Margie? Click "comments" below and prove it.

Tug This

I recently got a message from some tug boat owners:

We have ordered a dark green American Tug 41 - both retired living in Cypress Landing on the Chocowinity River in NC - our 1st boat was a 34 American Tug "Red e Tug o"

I read that email, googled "american tug 41" to see what one looked like, then came up with the following boat names:

Tug o' War (why not paint it camo?)
Tug o' Peace (in case you're against war)
Tug o' Peas (because it's green)

Here are a couple of "Popeye" names, because when I think of a green Tug, all I can think of is a can of spinach.

Swee 'Pea (again, because it's green)
The Olive (this was the name of Popeye's boat)

Certainly you - my clever web page visitor - could come up with a better name for these folks in Cypress Landing. Please suggest some boat names by way of the comment link below.

Mr. Jones and Me

Just this weekend I got a nice email from a Mr. Jones asking me for some boat name advice. My reply is below, but maybe you can post a comment with a better boat name than what I came up with.

Mr. Jones wrote: Just purchased a 28' Sea Ray Weekender. My two granddaughters (Danielle and Kaylyn) and myself (they call me Papa) just can't spend enough time together on the boat. We do weekend excursions and short trips whenever we can work'em in.

All I could come up with were a few "Papa" boat names. Any other suggestions?

Papa Jones
Papa's Joy
Papa's Place
Papa Time
Papa's Little Gulls
Family Time
Mr. Jones and Us

Juan needs a boat name

I received this message from Juan a few days ago. Can you suggest a boat name for him?

hi, i have searched for a name, but I can't find the right one... I want a name that is funny/sarcastic, as im like that, I bought the boat as to play a joke on a family member, but I really wanted a boat. but it was a last minute deal just before Labor Day weekend, actually i bought it on friday before LB weekend.

it is a 2007 Bayliner 175BR

Juan, there are a few different ways you can go here. You bought a brand new boat on a whim to get a laugh, which tells me you have a great sense of humor and plenty of disposable income, so you can play on both of those traits in your boat name... something like Funny Money. Joker - Smoker - Toker.

You can also go with the "last minute" or whim aspect of your boat purchase... Out on a Whim...
Add your suggestions as comments please.

Top boat names from last month

Here are a few of the actual names people purchased in August at to display on the back or sides of their boat or yacht. I mention yacht names because we recently had some orders of boat lettering that could fit across three boats the size of my 27-footer.

YENNEB ONE (I think that's a video game reference - I'm old)

Carolina Dreamin'


Day Tripper


Broom Hilda


Paula Doll

The 14-oh's (sex? racing? sex?)

Drink Smuttynose

While I'm still not sold on the name Smuttynose for a boat, I think it's a fine name for a beer.

This message from the President of Smuttynose Brewing Co. made me thirsty.

The Princess Royal Attends A Boat Show

I'm mentioning this story in honor of my daughter, who loves princesses. However, being American, and only 4 years old, she has never heard of Princess Anne.

Why do I get to mention Princess Anne on this blog you may ask (if you didn't read the title of the post, that is). Because, according to the Southern Daily Echo, HRH (that's Brit-speak for Her Royal Highness) attended the Southampton Boat Show today. And while HRH was at the show, she christened the new race boat of Southampton round-the-world sailor Mikle Golding. The new boat's name?


I googled this word to see what the heck it meant and all I could come up with was the corporate name of a green detergent company (green as in environmentally friendly).

Turns out, it's true. There is a relationship. Not a bad name if you had to take the name of a sponsor in order to get their money. I could think of worse. Imagine if SPAM sponsored a yacht?

Smuttynose - I don't think so

I really want to help these nice folks up in Alaska. Any suggestions? Please comment below. Here's their message to me:

"We are in the Coast Guard and live in Alaska. We love Jimmy Buffett, diving, fishing, have a 3 year old named Sean. We just bought an Osprey 24' fisherman that is named Smuttynose---and that just won't do! Help! Please!

Thank you~ D n J"

How about:

Off Duty (the name will double as an alarm system for would-be intruders)

Boat Drinks (Because "It's 20 degrees and the hockey game's on" is too long)

Son of a Sailor (better than just naming the boat Sean)

D and J's Folly

A man after my own heart

Just read this email and started to drool:

"Buying a new 26 foot Sea Ray tomorrow. Need some names. I like cold Corona's, fine cigars, watching football and of course my sexy woman and being on the water."

This is a man's man and some good names instantly popped into my head when I read that message, including:

Living Large

Three Seas (Seas as in "C's", Corona's, Cigars, etc.)


Your Dreams

Carpe Diem

Light me up

Not sure if this guy was really looking for help with a boat name, or just writing to brag. Here's his message in its entirety:

"We are avid fishermen, and do electrical contracting for a living. We also own 7 boats. 27 Boston Whaler"

Well, I'm not here to judge. I'm here to help people name their boats. How 'bout:

Electric Fish

Fishing Wire

Alternating Currents

"A" SEA / "D" SEA (AC/DC)
(I'm really proud of this one)

Got anything better? Please comment below...

Nameless in Seattle

kevin sent me the following message seeking help choosing a boat name:

"We are a family of four, 2 kids ages 1 and 3 and live in seattle,wa. We have a new 37ft sea ray sundancer. We love crusing on the puget sound and Northwest, so a northwest name would be cool. thanks"

My suggestions suck, so please comment to offer some assistance! All I know about the northwest is that they love grunge music, dark coffee and rain (not sure if they like rain, but I think they get a lot of it.)

Whulge Wanderer

Sea Stroller

Babies On Board

Boat Name Suggestions, Please

A realtor who didn't mention she was a realtor, in Atlanta wrote to me:

"We are a family of 5 with a puppy. This is our first boat for our lake house. We love to go tubing and skiing. Our boat is white with black.

Lana and Kurt"

Can you help me help Lana and Kurt with their new boat name? Post comments below if you have any suggestions. All I could come up with are:

Puppy Makes Six (Dumb, but to the point)

Toyz (Not sure why this popped into my head)

Wet Newspaper (black and white boat, puppy being boat/house trained)

Need some boat name ideas...

Somebody sent me an email requesting ideas for a boat name, and this is all they sent me:

"Tommy is a home builder, father of 4 sons."

Not much to go on, but if that phrase inspires you to think of a boat name, please post your ideas here as comments.

Here's what I came up with, I'm sure you can do better:

Got Wood?

My Four Sons

Tommy's Buoys

Recent Boat Names

Following are just a few of the many boat names purchased at CustomBoatNames over the past few weeks.

Broom Hilda


Day Tripper


Carolina Dreamin'

Sunset Dancer

Dad's Reward

Looking for ideas for your next boat name? Try the boat name idea generator at

Stuck in the Middle with You

Hi, we are a family of 4-we have 2 daughters. My husband and I are in the real estate/ building business. We have a 24ft sea ray on fresh water lake in atlanta. like using "middle" maybe somehow- like In the Middle of Nowhere. thanks

Electric Boat

Electric Boat, or EB for short, is one of the largest employers in south-eastern Connecticut. That's about all I could think of when I received this boat name idea request last week:

I'm looking for a really great electric boat name. We have a brand new 16ft Electracraft Partycruiser that needs a name.

My lame suggestions:

Electric Boat
EB Phone Home
Edison's Folly
Good Buzz

Post a comment if you've got any better suggestions for this new boat owner.

Boat Name Machine

Sometimes you just need a little creative spark to get you thinking of great boat name ideas. That's why I created the magic, automatic, mystical generator of custom boat name ideas at The program can randomly generate tens of thousands of boat name ideas with a simple click. You can check it out here.

The boat name idea generator is also available at FirstBoat with a slightly different set of potential boat names in the system. You can check out FirstBoat's Boat Name Machine if you need additional ideas or if the CustomBoatNames link is down.

An Extension of Custom Boat Names

I started this blog in an effort to engage passionate, creative people help boaters choose name for their new boats. I run an online store called CustomBoatNames, where you can design and preview vinyl boat lettering before you buy it. We ship our easy-to-apply vinyl boat lettering with easy-to-follow instructions. Boaters seem to enjoy the ease of application and high quality of our products. But sometimes, it is tough to think of a name.

Every week I get emails from owners of new boats looking for suggestions for boat names. I'm pretty creative IMHO, but I can't do it alone. I plan to post boat owners' requests here on this blog so that others may post comments and suggestions, and help the boat owners pick the perfect boat name.

Let's see what happens...

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